In the vast world of the Internet, one social media platform has dominated everything from worldwide marketing to promoting of a business or band.  Facebook, created by Harvard alum Mark Zuckerberg as a network originally only for Harvard students, has done nothing short of changing the world of communication and the ways we previously contacted each other. Far from earlier sites such as MySpace and Xanga, Facebook allowed users to complete many useful and efficient ways of communication, almost entirely for free.


Since the massively popular site’s inception, an almost endless supply of groups have popped up. In these groups, individuals with similar beliefs or interests can join and contact one another with those very same interests. Facebook groups can consist of fans of a professional sports teams, employees of a certain company or even for humorous memes. Yet, of the millions of Facebook groups, one has been receiving quite a bit of attention recently, even being joined by users who don’t particularly identify with the group’s intended demographic.


The United Parcel Service, or UPS for short, is an international, multi-billion dollar company that specializes in transporting and delivering packages to a location. From it’s humble beginnings as The American Messenger Company in Seattle, the company has expanded like few other companies have. Today, the United Parcel Service operates in over 220 countries and over 434,000 people are employed by them.


UPS is known and well-regarded for their positive treatment of their many employees. In recent news in the vast and never ending social media world, one very unique yet adorable group has brought attention to UPS workplace camaraderie. The group is simply entitled “UPS Dogs” is a group that consists entirely of friendly dogs that UPS package delivering employees encounter on their deliveries.



“Since its inception in 2013, UPS Dogs has grown in popularity and we are receiving more and more of your wonderful photos capturing our furry friends.” the group’s page states.


While the page is run by UPS employees, it’s not an official UPS-related business site. In the group that contains over half a million members, employees take photos of them with the furry friends that they meet throughout their job. Every type and breed of dog is met, from hilarious bulldogs to overly friendly German Shepherds to enormous yet gentle Great Danes. And in some pictures, the dogs are even dressed as UPS employees, complete with the signature brown uniforms and occasionally with a miniature box for the dog to hold. To add more hilarity to an already heartwarming group, there’s been a couple recent posts that depict friendly goats as opposed to dogs.


Due to the fact that UPS employs about 434,000 employees while UPS Dogs’ members are numbered at 759,651, that means that even people who aren’t UPS employees are liking this page. But in terms of public relations, this adorable group certainly shows how diverse and dog-loving of a company that UPS truly is.


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