What are the attributes of a company with positive impact? What comes to mind when you think of companies that strive to do good by their consumers? Business schools teach entrepreneurship students that identifying the target consumer and locating that consumer’s pain point determines success; however, is that all that goes into the mix of truth-dealing corporations? Perhaps the legacy of our “Entrepreneurial Spotlight” on The Honest Company can teach big businesses a thing or two about what it means to do good by its audience.


A list of good business characteristics may fill up pages on pages, but our team at MUIPR got to thinking about what it really means to do well by consumers. Business, we found out, isn’t all about structure; honest business connects to the wishes and goals of those it serves.


Impact Matters

Strong companies do so much more than filling the needs associated with a consumer pain point; compassionate companies are those that understand the impact they have on their larger environment and global community.

“Fast Company” sums this idea up brilliantly as writer Daniel Baylis suggests:

“Being good is systemic; it comes top-down and bottom-up, and permeates from every division and department. It is a lifelong pledge from the brand to the consumer, and to the world.”


Entrepreneurial Spotlight

Filling the needs of consumers while having minimal negative impact on the environment makes successful corporations and Jessica Alba’s “The Honest Company” is no exception. Her business has been praised for its consumer-focus not just because it is led by a gorgeous movie star, but because of its social impact. Specializing in producing and distributing non-toxic home cleaning products, baby products and skincare, Alba said of her recent success on partnering with Target:

“As a busy working mom, I know you can’t always anticipate when you’re going to need something. It’s great to have a partner like Target that offers convenience and great values at any given moment. We’re excited to launch The Honest Company products in Target stores and on Target.com to provide easy access to our safe, stylish and accessibly-priced products.”


Throughout the coming weeks, MUIPR will be showcasing other like-minded companies in an attempt to inspire other businesses do more good with their consumers in mind, not just their bank accounts. We are assured that honest businesses exist and we are determined to highlight these forces and share what we learn along the way.


What do you have to say about the way honest businesses conduct themselves? Want us to feature a company you have in mind? Share your thoughts in the comments or tweet me @Kelseymbro