Of the many fast food restaurants throughout the country, few have such an emphasis on meats and sandwiches as the Arby’s chain of restaurants. While Subway is still The King in the sandwich game, the Sandy Springs, Georgia headquartered restaurant company that made the slogan “We Have The Meats” popular has more than 3,300 restaurant locations throughout seven countries and the restaurant ranks third in terms of revenue. In the restaurant subgenre of sandwich shops, Arby’s is only slightly beat out by Subway in regards to locations and revenue. And in terms of marketing, I personally believe that Arby’s has beat Subway for more reasons than Arby’s spokesman didn’t end up being a pedophile.


Subway certainly can’t say the same. Arby’s commercial narrator is “Mission Impossible” and many Adam Sandler-produced film actor Ving Rhames, an always appreciated actor.


While there are some traditional sandwiches on the menu of Arby’s such as a brisket burger, some of the items go a little out of left field. A classic example of this phenomenon would be the Smoke Mountain burger, a burger with all of the following; pork belly, smoked chicken breast, smoked brisket, smoked cheddar cheese, crispy onions and BBQ sauce on on a star cut bun.


(CNN Money)

With the massive revenue that Arby’s continues to receive, it should come as no surprise that Arby’s has recently done an acquisition similar to the Amazon-Whole Foods merger. This time, the popular sandwich chain purchased the wing restaurant with arguably the largest variety of flavors and a place where you can watch the highly publicized fight if you don’t mind waiting for three hours.


Buffalo Wild Wings, possibly the most popular chicken wing restaurant to date, has been purchased by Arby’s Restaurant Group to the tune of $2.4 billion. This comes as an excellent and useful surprise to the wing restaurant who had been struggling due to an increase in the price of chicken wings along with a drastic increase in people cooking meals at home and generally eating out less.


The merger of “Wings, Beer, Sports” and “We Have The Meat” is certain to have a potentially beneficial impact on the stock prices of Arby’s Restaurant Group. The deals claims that Arby’s pay $157 per share in Buffalo Wild Wings stock. Arby’s Restaurant Group also will assume the debt of Buffalo Wild Wings.


Buffalo Wild Wings, more commonly known as B Dubs, has made considerable progress even with recent struggles by implementing a half-price option on certain deals involving the many wing options they have.


While Arby’s is certainly considered more fast food, Buffalo Wild Wings is a sit-down, full-service restaurant that frequently plays all the popular sports matches. From strictly a restaurant business perspective, the Arby’s Restaurant Group now have both a large full-service chain of restaurants and large quick-service restaurant chain, meaning they have quite a stronghold in a very otherwise tumultuous industry.


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