Copyblogger Media, developer of the Rainmaker website platform and publisher of the wildly popular content marketing and copywriting blog Copyblogger, announced in October 2014 that it was abandoning its Facebook page. The announcement came as a surprise to many. Copyblogger is in the business of helping entrepreneurs harness the power of content marketing, and social media factors prominently into that category. In reality, Copyblogger’s announcement is one thousands of other brands wish they had the courage to make. Facebook just isn’t doing it for many brands.


With the emergence of Facebook ads, organic reach immediately went on the decline, and the numbers continue to drop. When brands publish posts on their Facebook business pages, those posts are visible to only two percent of followers. Even worse, less than one percent of followers engage with those posts. Without paying for ads, there’s no guarantee that anyone will see your posts.


If you’re only dabbling with social media as part of a PR campaignthis isn’t devastating. But if you’re devoting significant time and resources to your Facebook page and you’re not achieving results, it might be time to reconsider Facebook as a marketing or PR tool for your brand.


Facebook is cracking down on fake "likes" and followers.

Facebook is cracking down on fake “likes” and followers.

If you’re achieving results on Facebook, then keep doing what you’re doing. Many brands have found great success on Facebook. Before you jump ship, consider reevaluating your strategy. Maybe you’re not posting enough, or maybe you’re posting too much. You might even be targeting the wrong audiences or over-promoting yourself. If a dedicated strategy and renewed effort to engage audiences on Facebook fails, there’s nothing wrong with moving on.


Every social network may look and feel the same in many respects, but users on different social networks have wildly differing interests and behaviors. It’s possible that your brand isn’t a good fit for Facebook. In the case of Copyblogger: They have since devoted a significant portion of their social media efforts to Google+, where they have found great success. Don’t abandon social media completely. There’s a social network out there that’s perfect for your brand.


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