The 63rd Annual NBA All-Star Game took place last Sunday night in New Orleans with the Eastern Conference coming out on top of the Western Conference (Final score: 163-155). The total points scored at this year’s game, is the highest point total in an All-Star game, breaking a combined record of 303 set in 1987.


Photo: Bob Donnan - USA Today Sports

Kyrie Irving, Cleveland Cavaliers, East Team. Photo: Bob Donnan – USA Today Sports

The game was full of amazing alley-oops, masterful ball-handling, and extremely vibrant shoe/sock combinations. One thing that was lacking on the hardwood Sunday night was defense. The first three quarters are always more of a three-point shoot out combined with a fast-break dunk contest. When the third quarter ends,  the game gets going and the players really start showcasing their supreme talent.


Photo: Christian Petersen, Pool

Blake Griffin, LA Clippers, West Team. Photo: AP/Christian Petersen, Pool

The West was led by MVP front runner Kevin Durant with 38 points. Blake Griffin also finished with 38, 18 of those points coming in the first quarter in the form of ferocious slam dunks. Kyrie Irving led the way for the East finishing with 31 points 14 assists and clinched the MVP award.  Carmelo Anthony chipped in with 30 points and set an NBA All-Star record with 8 three-pointers.








Initially, it appeared the game was going to end with the two biggest basketball stars in the world, Kevin Durant vs. LeBron James, having to go head to head to give their team the lead. Instead, Kyrie Irving decided that he wanted to take control. Irving finished the game with 15 points in the fourth quarter and absolutely stole the show. After the game, the best player in the world, LeBron James, had this to say about his Eastern Conference teammate:


“Kyrie is special. It’s just that simple. He’s a very special basketball player, very smart basketball player. His ability to shoot the ball, get into the lane, make shots around rim, he has a total package.”


Large praise from the best player in the league.



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