Last week, the Baseball Hall of Fame gained three new members, none of which reportedly used performance-enhancing drugs (PEDs).


Ivan Rodriguez, Jeff Bagwell, and Tim Raines were named the 2017 inductees into baseball immortality. Although this is obviously a major accomplishment for all involved, it unfortunately wasn’t the headline.


(Five Thirty Eight)

As it is every year, the main story is not who made it, but really who didn’t make it once again. The who being players like Barry Bonds, Roger Clemens, and other players who are clearly among the greatest to ever play the game, but we’re caught using PEDs in their careers that have put a taint on it.


Since each player retired and were eligible for the Hall of Fame, the big story has always been if the voters will vote them in despite their use of steroids. More so, the story has started to become the percentage of votes they are getting because at this point, we all agree that statistically they should have been locks to get in from their first year on the ballot. So, what we do as sports fans, is track the progress they’re making because we truly want to believe that they will one day make it.


This story is about the progress because although they obviously didn’t get in, there was a good progression that was made in the percentage of votes they received and to some fans who believe that they should still be in, that’s a great sign.


Barry Bonds received a total of 238 votes which accounted for 53.8 percent of the ballots casted. Roger Clemens received 239 votes which accounted for 54.1 percent of the total ballots casted.


In order to make the Hall, you need at least 332 votes for election out of a total of 442 total ballots casted.


Now, even though they’re still nearly 100 votes off from getting elected, the progress that was made due to the new voting system where voters can make their ballot public shows that they will get in one day.


Thirteen out of the 14 voters who made their ballots public had Clemens and Bonds on their ballot and each gained a net total of 23 and 22 votes from last year.


This is a great sign because it is likely that more people will come out to make their ballots public in the future and due to the responsibility and integrity that comes with putting that out to the world. I feel that many voters will begin to soften their stance on the two players in regards to their PED use and base it more on what they did on the field, which was nothing short of amazing.


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