You ever think about how crazy it was that a 6’4, 225-pound Quarterback, who was drafted in the sixth round after having arguably one of the worst combines of all time, would turn out to dominate the NFL in a way we have rarely seen?


Now, did you ever think that this same quarterback would continue to take his game to a higher level the older he got?


Most would answer no, and understandably so. When Tom Brady entered the NFL in 2001, he wasn’t supposed to be what he is today. In fact, he wasn’t even supposed to play. He was pegged as a sure fire second or thing string quarterback. In comparison to other quarterbacks, he didn’t have the arm talent and/or athleticism to be a legit starter in this league filled with great signal- callers.


Tom Brady’s career has been about proving people wrong and he just keeps doing it at a higher level as the years go by.


His first six years consisted of him winning three Super Bowls, coming through and elevating his game as the pressure mounted and always putting his team in the best positions to win. Backed by a great defense, Brady was known as the ultimate game manager. He never threw for many yards or lit the scoreboard up in any capacity. In fact, the most touchdowns he threw for in any season within those first six years was 28 and he only accumulated one 4,000 yard season (2005).


Brady wasn’t known for the stats, he was known for the wins. Not a bad rep for a sixth round pick.


So by the time Brady hit his 30th birthday, many thought that he had reached his potential. Many of those same people didn’t think he had much in the first place, so even this was a surprise to them.


(Boston Herald)

Again, you could understandably see why people would think this. In the NFL, once you reach 30, it’s considered the year where your game starts to decline. Your body starts to give out more and more because of the vicious toll that the game takes on it.


This was another chance for Brady to prove us all wrong because instead of declining, his game went on a steep incline that led all the way up to the ceiling that any quarterback could only hope to reach.


When Brady hit 30, his game hit the ultimate level. The untalented, surefire backup with no arm talent or athleticism became the best quarterback in the NFL with the stats, and rings to back it up.


Remember when he only compiled one 4,000 yard season in his first six years?


Well I’m his last 10, he has 7, even amassing the 5,000 yard mark in 2011 and throwing for 40,018 yards altogether. Within this same time span, he has thrown 309 touchdowns, throwing 30 in a season 6 times, and reaching his peak in 2007 when he set the record for the most passing touchdowns in a season with 50.


Granted, we also have to take into consideration that these numbers would have been better, had he not been injured for the entire 2008 season and having to sit out the first four games of last season.


Brady’s 30’s saw him win two more Super Bowls in 2014 and 2016, never throw more than 13 interceptions in any given season and become the model for the success of older athletes in any sport.


Actually, scratch that, he has become the model of success for any athlete, no matter what age they may be.


So now that he is 40, do we dare doubt him again? To do it at 30 is one thing, but 40? We’ve never seen it.


But who are we to say that he can’t? This is the same guy who proved us wrong every time we had an inkling of doubt while standing on the podium every time.


This is also the same guy who last year claimed that he can play for five more years and you know what? I definitely believe him.


Hopefully he can follow up a decade of greatness with five more years of even more of it.


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