Of all the teams in the National Basketball Association, few have quite the presence and notoriety as The Dallas Mavericks. Along with their “Shark Tank”-hosting and hopefully future mayor Mark Cuban, they’ve become a worldwide teams thanks partially to their many all-stars players such as Seth Curry, Harrison Barnes and arguably the most famous German athlete himself, the legendary Dirk Nowitzki. Dirk alone has become a legend and a massive powerhouse in the NBA and his dominating presence is known throughout the league.


Cuban himself is quite a philanthropist in his own right. After the tragic events at Pulse Nightclub last summer, Cuban donated $1 million of his own money to the Dallas Police Department in order to increase security presence in the lively and always entertaining area of Oak Lawn, a popular LGBT area in Dallas. In another huge act of generosity and charity, Cuban has once again outdone himself. For this particular occasion, his great act of generosity has greatly impacted one player on the Mavericks in particular along with an entire community.


JJ Barea, point guard for the Mavs and a player from Mayaguez, Puerto Rico (1), has taken the recent news of Hurricane Maria quite to heart. In recent interviews, he’s stated that his home is barely recognizable through all the damage that Hurricane Maria has caused to Puerto Rico and to its’ many citizens. Through the entire process of rebuilding from Hurricane Maria though, both Barea and Cuban, as well as the rest of The Mavericks have remained both vigilant and dedicated in many ways.



One such way that Cuban himself has shown nothing but kindness and generosity in the face of such a natural disaster was his recent act of using the team’s plane to deliver supplies to affected Puerto Ricans as well as let JJ Barea visit his sadly ravaged home. In the thoughtful trip there, Barea returned to Puerto Rico with 12 of his friends and both his mother as well as his grandmother and plenty of supplies to the affected locals.


Barea heartbreakingly described returning home and the devastation being evident from the plane window alone.

“Yesterday, you look out the window, it’s dead. It is completely dead.” Barea recently told ESPN.


Rest assured that this generous and occasionally heartbreaking trip to Puerto Rico isn’t a one-time occasion. Along with other big-named philanthropists such as Pitbull, Cuban has reassured that there will be plenty of following trips to the devastated island to help it’s millions of citizens. Barea also stated that there are “four 18-wheelers full of stuff, ready to go down there (2)” and that they promise to help as much as humanly possible.


Ever since I became a Dallasite 18 months ago, I’ve always had a fondness and deep respect for Mark Cuban and unlike the Cowboys, I’ve actually always enjoyed the Mavericks and watching their games. Not only Dirk, but the overwhelming majority of the players seem to play with nothing but class and near perfect sportsmanship. Actions speak louder than words ever could and Cuban and Barea’s generosity in such a trying situation speak volumes in regards to their genuine and caring natures. That, and hopefully a future Dallas mayoral run from Mark Cuban.


Just saying, Mayor Cuban sounds pretty awesome.


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