In recent years it’s safe to say that the NBA All Star Game has dwindled down into a very small shell of its former self.


In years past, it was a true honor to be selected, and to play in, the NBA’s biggest event and showcase of talent with the exception of the Finals. In the 80’s and 90’s, you took pride in playing and winning the game most importantly. How can we ever forget those fierce battles that ensued during those two decades with players like Michael Jordan, Magic Johnson, Larry Bird, and Isiah Thomas battling it out against one another with the intensity of a Finals game? How can we ever forget the ‘92 game known as Magic’s triumphant return to basketball after being diagnosed with AIDS and the players accepting and playing against him nonetheless? How can we even forget when the games were actually close contests that came down to the wire and there was real pressure?



Nowadays, it’s a high scoring affair with 90% of the points coming from uncontested dunks and three pointers. Rarely do players take that initiative anymore to prevent the guy in front of you from scoring. Now it’s about not getting hurt and trying to get your stats up in hopes of winning the MVP.


Again, it has become a shell of what it once was and the very low ratings of last year’s game show that.


So, with the low ratings and utter lack of competitiveness, the NBA decided to switch things up.


This year, a new rule will be in effect where the top two vote getters from each conference will have the ability to hand pick their teams from a pool of other All Star selections.


In essence, this makes it a true pick up game.


Just as if you were playing at your local playground and picking the other people that were ready to play, this has that same type of feel.


With this new (really traditional) way of doing it, you will have a mix of talent with Eastern and Western Conference All Stars being able to play with one another. This format will, in my opinion, bring more excitement to the game.


With the trades that went down this offseason, the West would have been more than a clear favorite to run away with the game. However, with the new rule, the teams will be more even and players will get to play with other stars that they would otherwise have not had the chance to play with.


Potentially, LeBron James, Russell Westbrook and Kevin Durant could all play on the same team. You could even have the potential teaming up of other stars like Stephen Curry, Kyrie Irving and Anthony Davis. There are so many possibilities here that even thinking about the potential teams is even exciting.


So with the game in February, we have a few months to enjoy the first half of what should be a very exciting regular season with all the trades and new acquisitions. By the time that All Star break hits and the pickup teams are picked, we will finally have a reason to look forward to this game once again. Hopefully the players will deliver on end of the bargain.


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