A team’s worst nightmare is losing their starting quarterback for any amount of time. Compound that with the fact that the amount of time would be the entire season AND that all of this happened before any games were played and you have as worse of a nightmare as you could have ever imagined.


When Miami Dolphins starting QB Ryan Tannehill went down, and stayed down, after a scramble during the team’s first padded practice of the year, the air was taken out of Dolphins practice immediately.


A surefire playoff team with plenty of upside and hope, potentially loses all of it on one practice play.


When Tannehill got up and limped off the field, you obviously fear the worst, ACL, but you hold out for the best. You want to think that maybe the extent of the injury isn’t as serious as it appears and that there’s a chance that he can come back.


Then the results come in… and your worst nightmare comes to the light.


(Miami Herald)

Tannehill’s knee requires season-ending ACL surgery and new free agent pickup Jay Cutler will be the starter heading into the 2017 season.


In 13 games last season, Tannehill threw for 2,995 yards with 19 touchdowns and 12 interceptions. The last two seasons, he had come into his own and settled into the starting job in Miami comfortably and confidently. His decision- making had vastly approved, more weapons had been put around him and the team, as a whole, rallied around him as the bonafide leader ready to roll into this season with big goals.


With him now out for the year, it presents a big loss and gap for a team that looked to make some noise in a division still inhabited by the New England Patriots. Their hope now relies on Jay Cutler, who took weeks ago was set to be an analyst of for Fox Sports, a huge jump from Tannehill.


Despite this loss, if Cutler can cut down on turnovers and show consistency, this team can still make a lot of noise. With the rapport that Cutler and head coach Adam Gase share, there’s a possibility that some magic can still be in the arm of someone who seemed to lose his love for the game.


This new opportunity could be a fresh start and fresh outlook on the game for Cutler, especially now that he is surrounded by legit talent on both sides of the ball for the first time in a while.


No matter how this turns out, it’s going to be hard to mentally and physically replace the important of Tannehill to this Dolphins squad.


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