As you probably have heard, the Knicks are not having the best of seasons.


Whether it’s dealing with a subpar 23-33 record in the Eastern Conference, or dealing with their self-inflicting saga of what to do with Carmelo Anthony, the Knicks are at an all time low as a franchise.


This standard was set even lower when Knick great Charles Oakley was taken down by six security guards and taken out of MSG after a situation at the beginning of a game where Oakley was apparently told that he couldn’t sit in the seats behind owner James Dolan and Oakley then pushed Dolan and other members of security.


This has become national news for a team whose entire season has been bad news. Oakley has come out publicly saying that he did nothing to deserve to be treated in that way by the owner and by security. He had paid his ticket to come into the arena to watch the game and that Dolan, because of their not so good relationship, had said that he didn’t want Oakley sitting behind him.


This prompted Dolan and the Knicks to hold a press conference stating that Oakley was banned from MSG and Knick games for the foreseeable future that they hoped that Oakley got the help he needed.


(Sporting News)

In the eyes of the media and people close to the situation, the Knicks and Dolan look very bad here. Many players like LeBron James and Dwyane Wade have also expressed support of Oakley who was a player who played 10 hard years for the Knicks. He was known for his blue collar style of play in which he was the enforcer for the team and did the dirty work that made the team’s in the 90’s very successful, success that hasn’t been matched since.


New York City and Knick fans alike have also come to the support of Oakley, like prominent fan Spike Lee, and against Dolan.


Due to all of the drama, NBA commissioner Adam Silver and Michael Jordan facilitated and mediated a meeting between the two yesterday that seems to be positive. After the meeting, Dolan has come out and said that he hopes to have Oakley back at MSG as a guest very soon.


So, hopefully this solves this week long headline, yet another bad story for a Knick season that has been full of them.


This situation is the epitome of where the Knicks are as a franchise right now: so power crazy up top that the product on the floor and to the fans suffers mightily because of it.


(Back of the Jersey)

Just last week, Phil Jackson made more headlines as he put out a tweet that hinted at an article recently done against Carmelo Anthony, a move in which many think is a ploy to get Melo to want to leave the Knicks and be open to a trade. A person in a powerful position alienating a player. A move that is in the least interest of the team.


Now we have this Oakley-Dolan situation that has the same factors. A person in the highest position, alienating a former player because he can and for no apparent reason. Again, a move in the least interest of the organization.


These two situations define the Knicks and their season to this point so perfectly. A team that has all the potential to do great things being held back by management who seem more wrapped up in themselves than of the team.


Maybe this is why they are 23-33.


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