Ice Cube’s The Big 3 basketball league has enjoyed a good amount of success in its inaugural season.


Showcased on FS1, the Big 3 brings together a collection of talent that ranges from young, hungry players looking to make a name for themselves to retired NBA players who still have some game to show. All of this is done in a half court, 3-on-3 style format that promotes high paced play and nostalgic fun for both the players and the fans.


The Big 3’s biggest draw are the former NBA stars who make their return to the court in a limited capacity. From Chauncey Billups to Mike Bibby, it’s a blast from the past of sorts for basketball fans who have watched these guys dazzle in NBA arenas for so many years and now get to watch them get every ounce of game they have left out there in a half court game.


Out of all the former stars and players that have graced the arenas this summer in Big 3 play, there’s one that truly stands out and that has been the clear attraction among fans: Allen Iverson.


When it was reported that A.I. had confirmed that he was going to play in this new league, many other players started to hop on the train, and the buzz began to build tremendously. Iverson is one of the most popular players in basketball history. He’s someone who changed the game through the way it’s played and how it looks as a whole.


He’s a cultural icon who still dominates every room he walks into with his presence because his reach still extends far beyond most current NBA players.


So when the Big 3 announced its summer schedule, many people bought tickets in hopes to see one of their favorite players lace them up again. For this reason, it is imperative that Iverson show up to the games and events that are held every weekend in order to continue to push the league and the brand that continues to grow.


(LA Times)

In essence, just as Ice Cube provides a name and face to the league from a management standpoint, Iverson does the same thing from a talent standpoint. For the most part, he is who and what people come to see, even if it is for a brief moment.


So when he didn’t show up in Dallas last weekend for the most recent stop of the tour, it was clearly noted and it made a huge impact. Instead of most of the talk being centered around the play and the fact that the league has entered its stretch run in the schedule heading towards the playoffs, it was about the fact that Iverson wasn’t there. Not only wasn’t he there, but he gave no sign or indication as to why he wasn’t there, stirring even more speculation.


This story obviously broke around the country and it became an issue that the league had to address quickly. With games for the weekend ending on Sunday, Iverson took to Instagram to issue an apology for his absence stating that he was sorry for not showing up, that he talked to Ice Cube and the league about the reasons for the absence and ultimately, that he would make it up to the fans.


Although he is the main attraction, something like this is unacceptable especially because he is the main draw.


This led to Ice Cube, and the league, to suspend Iverson for one game that ended up being this past weekend.


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