A couple of weeks ago, threat of an incoming tropical storm had weather channels across the country worried that it could turn into something much worse.


Being that it is hurricane season, especially for southern states, these type of warnings and early protocols are typically taken around this time.


However, as the storm approached, and ultimately got much bigger as the days went on, cities began preparing for what was to come.


Of course, in our natural mindset, we don’t ever want to believe that these types of things will happen or that its damage could potentially do great harm to any city, Unfortunately, Harvey vastly approached and did a lot of damage to the city of Houston, Texas.


Massive flooding turned into houses and cars being disintegrated and taken underwater while the people had to endure things they never hoped they would have.


With the death toll currently at 60, the number of injuries nearing the thousands and the overall state of the city being at an all time low, these are the times where people come together and truly help one another.


This is also the time where people of high standing, exposure and wealth lend their hands to the cause.


At the forefront of this was Houston Texas All- Pro defensive end, J.J. Watt, who to date has raised over $14 Million to Hurricane Harvey relief. What started as a six figure donation to. Go Fund Me that he personally started has turned into one of the biggest relief efforts around the world which has obviously grown to exponential proportions.



Watt is just one example of this too. Other athletes and celebrities like Chris Paul and Kevin Hart have joined forces and enlisted the help of one another to provide relief as well. With Hart starting a movement to involve all of his influential friends and Paul obliging by donating $50,000.


Other athletes have put their own spins on help the relief effort as well.


Some players like Mike Trout ($27,000) and Scott Kazmir ($130,000) have just simply donated money while a player like Matt Carpenter of the St. Louis Cardinals has vowed to donate $10,000 for every home run he hits from August 28 to the end of the season.


Some of the bigger donations have come from team owners like Jerry Jones, Bob McNair, Leslie Alexander and Robert Kraft who each donated $1 Million with the exception of Alexander who donated $10 Million. As well as sports teams and associations who have donated well over six figures each.


What all of this goes to show, and display, is the heart of our country.


When tragedy strikes, we come together, no matter what. All of the athletes who we tend to cast aspersions on for not doing enough, empty their minds and their pockets to formulating efforts to help with the relief.


We saw this before with Hurricane Katrina in 2005, and we see it again with Hurricane Harvey in 2017.


We can only hope that these donations and efforts, along with those that are being done by people all over the country will be enough to at least help the cause and the people and city of Houston.


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