This cup has been brewing for the past month or so and this week, it finally became full.


Marshawn Lynch is officially unretired and will return to the NFL to play for his hometown team, the Oakland Raiders.


Lynch, by passing his physical, signed a two-year deal with the Raiders and celebrated by throwing a city-wide signing/block party which perfectly sums up who he is and where he is from.


Beastmode is Oakland. Oakland is what made what we know today as Beastmode. Oakland is what bred one of, of not the most, physical back in the game who is known for his jarring style of play where there is no holds bar. This is perfect for a balanced offense with a quarterback who can sling it, receivers who can go get it, an offensive line that can pave the way and now a running back that can finish the job.


What this also signifies is the respect that Lynch had garnered not only around the league, but by his former team, the Seattle Seahawks.


No team in their right mind would allow their one of their former cornerstones, a fan favorite and the team’s all-time rusher to un-retire and go to another team. However, Lynch literally gave the Seahawks everything that he had, game in and game out. He gave out a lot of punishment on the field, but he also took a lot of it with multiple 300 carry seasons where the offense, with a young and up and coming Russell Wilson had to rely heavily on their run game and defense.


He gave the Seahawks the best version of himself, someone who was solely focused on what he had to do for his team. This meant not even giving the media the slightest attention while he played (as we saw during the Seahawks last Super Bowl appearance) because all he was worried about was playing the game.



To reward this, the Seahawks worked out a deal where he could return to play for his childhood team, matching loyalty with loyalty.


Now, Lynch is 31 in a league where running backs over 30 are deemed on their way out. However, being a year and some change out of the league, his body has probably been refreshed from the time off and knowing what we know of Lynch, he definitely stayed in shape and his body will certainly be ready to go by the season.


In Oakland, Lynch will not get the 300 carries he is used to, which is perfect. He will be accompanied by two burners in Deandre Washington and Jalen Richard who will provide two apt compliments to the ground and pound style of Lynch. This dynamic should prove to work well for a team who already ranked 6th in the NFL in rushing last year and look to be more formidable this season with another year of experience.


The return of Beastmode will be the burst of energy that not only the Raiders, but the city of Oakland needed. With the team moving to Vegas next season it looks like, his presence, love of the game and love for his city will be a guiding light for a team who is on the brink of greatness.


Do you think Lynch’s return will be an upgrade for the Raiders? Let’s talk about it here or find me on Twitter @Phenombc3.