Everyone is gearing up for the FIFA World Cup that is only a couple weeks away. The question that is on everyone’s mind, however, is will Brazil be ready, or will we see a negative media onslaught like we saw for the Sochi Olympics in Russia? With stadiums still under construction and people protesting the games, people are beginning to wonder if Rio will be ready for the Olympic Games in 2016.


Pollution in the Guanabara Bay (huff post.com)

Pollution in the Guanbarra Bay presents difficulties for Olympic sailing events, construction of metro line 4 has been suspended, and delays in the building of the Deodoro Olympic Park all have John Coates, a senior on the International Olympic Committee, deeming the preparations for the games as the “worst ever.”


A concerned Coates stated, “The situation is critical on the ground. We have become very concerned. They are not ready in many, many ways. We have to make it happen and that is the IOC’s approach. You can’t walk away from this.” Regardless of how bad the conditions are, there is no Plan B, and Rio has to be the host city.


The Olympic Games in Rio were chosen to highlight its rapidly growing economy and improve the city’s infrastructure. Bad press and the forced removal of poor Brazilians from favelas, has made the rest of the world question whether or not Brazil will be able to deliver. The Rio 2016 Organizing Committee released a statement ensuring the city will be ready saying, “We have a historic mission: to organize the first Olympic and Paralympic Games in Brazil and in South America. We are going to achieve this. In 2016, Rio will host excellent Games that will be delivered absolutely within the agreed timelines and budgets.”


Many believe Brazil hosting both the World Cup and the Olympics was a poor decision. These events are costing Brazil its reputation and possibly its ability to help its poorest of citizens. The politics behind the games will most likely cause even more problems and bad publicity for Brazil. In the end, we hope to see the both events run smoothly and that they have a positive effect on Brazil’s economy. We will not know the true impact of these events, however, until years after each event has ended.


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