At this point, it’s no secret around the NFL media that we can always count on Cam Newton to give us an honest answer with real emotions behind it.


Whether it’s blunt answer mixed with a very stoic look while he dons an extremely out there outfit or if it’s a post Super Bowl loss quotable that has come to define part of his perceived character, Newton has become the go to Interview for all controversy.


Reminiscing back to two Super Bowls ago, Newton unwilling sat, well really slumped in front of the media, and gave a brief two minute interview, filled with extremely short answers and ending with him walking out of the room abruptly.


This caused the media to question his leadership qualities, especially in the face of defeat. As a response to the criticism, he said, “I’m on record as being a sore loser. I hate losing. You show me a good loser and I’ll show you a loser.”


This quote is what took it over the top in the eyes of the reporters. More criticism ensued further questioning his character and whether he can be a true leader of a team while possessing that type of attitude in the public spotlight.


From then on out, a Cam Newton Interview has been one known to be filled with sly, but very truthful and bare bones remarks that can be taken in many ways.


(NY Post)

Most recently, Cam has gotten himself into some hot water once again.


During a midweek press conference that usually lends itself to answering questions about the last game as well as about the upcoming week’s game, a female reporter, Jourdan Rodrigue, asked him a question Devin Funchess embracing the physicality of running routes as a receiver. To this question, Newton laughed laughed and responded by saying, “Is funny to hear a female talk about routes like… it’s funny.”


Obviously, this caused an enormous amount of public outcry, noting the very sexist tone and phrasing that was used.


People, male and female, killed him for using this tone and making that kind of remark in this day and age where females are a big part of the media world with many coming onto the scene as major figures and personalities.


The criticism was very and deserved. For someone of Cam’s stature in the league to make those kind of comments just because a female reporter asked you a question, was uncalled for and inexcusable. Even though he countered the criticism later in the week by saying it was really meant to be a compliment to the fact that she would be the one to ask that sort of question, it really furthered the reason why the criticism was placed on it in the first place.


Male or female, Rodrigue is a reporter and part of the media. Therefore, any question shouldn’t come as a surprise to Newton. She is paid to cover the game and ask questions pertaining to football, so it shouldn’t be a shock that she would ask about routes.


So, yes, Cam was very much in the wrong.


Now, many were calling for suspensions and things alike, but I don’t think all of that would have been necessary. The next day, Newton lost one of his sponsorships because of the comment and on top of that, it became national news which for Cam serves as a huge moment of embarrassment and an obvious hit to his brand.


It’s a shame that he made the remark and that even in 2017, some people clearly still don’t respect females in what was a male dominated business and I think that’s the bigger picture here.


It shows that although a lot of progress has been made, so much more still needs to happen and this recent situation was definitely a setback in that happening.


Do you think Newton should have been suspended for his sexist comments? Let’s talk about it here or find me on Twitter @Phenombc3.