The latest edition of the Winter Olympics has been a hot topic, to say the least. From very little privacy in hotel bathrooms to multiple rumors of security blunders and corruption, the Winter Games in Sochi, Russia have been under constant scrutiny for the past couple of weeks.

The less than ideal conditions in the hotels have the athletes, coaches, trainers, reporters, fans and family going public on various social media outlets.  Gary Dzen of writes, “Through a series of mostly humorous twitter posts, journalists have made light of double-toilets, yellow drinking water, and the lack of locks on doors or bulbs in light fixtures.”

How could this possibly be an issue with the massive amount of money “allegedly” being spent on the winter games (over $50 billion to be exact)?

These issues on the ground have many suspecting corrupt activity. Out of all of the issues surrounding the Winter Olympics, the most important has to be the safety of all those competing and attending, particularly as it pertains to cyber hacking.  In a story by Mike Krumboltz of Yahoo! News, he shared reports from a recent NBC News story:

“Privacy in all forms is a very rare commodity at the Sochi Olympics. Athletes, journalists and fans are reportedly seeing their cell phones, computers and tablets hacked.”

The security concerns, coupled with  the aforementioned issues on the ground, make it hard for any one to have a “good” feeling about what is truly happening in the town of Sochi for the next few weeks. All we can do is hope for the best and that the conditions on the ground in Sochi continue to get better.  People should not have to worry about their cell-phones being hacked, bad drinking water and their own safety while enjoying one of the most historical events in sports.


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