Die hard baseball fans: Did you ever see the day where there is a legitimate chance that the Chicago Cubs and Cleveland Indians would match up in the World Series?


Well, brace yourselves because it’s very likely that this 2016 Postseason will be the year that it happens, and no — the world is not going to end (to our knowledge).


This is a postseason of true destiny and fate where two of the most unlucky franchises in baseball history had the greatest regular seasons in their history and are currently on some of their greatest playoff runs in history.


From the beginning of the 2016 Major League Baseball season, these two historic franchises who have dealt with their fair share of losses and heartbreaks, have broken that mold and established themselves as the two best teams in the MLB. Now, in the playoffs, they are proving that their regular season were no fluke, but instead they are proving we probably have been underestimating these teams all along based on their history.




The city of Cleveland, Ohio is well documented in their sporting heartbreaks. Elway’s Drive, Jordan’s Shot, Byner’s fumble… All of these mishaps have been etched in Cleveland and Sports history forever as notable daggers in the heart of Cleveland sports. Until the Cavaliers won the 2016 NBA Title, the city hadn’t experienced a major sports championship since the Jim Brown-led 1964 Browns won the championship in football.


Today is a different story, though. The City of Cleveland has a winning atmosphere now, and the Indians look to finish off the job that the Cavs started. Think about the reversal of fortune Cleveland sports has endured within the past five months. While the Cavs were on their playoff run on their way to winning the title, the Indians were the talk of baseball as they rattled off a 14 game winning streak. Two franchises who hadn’t been synonymous with winning were now winning in a big way at the exact same time. It’s almost as if the stars had finally aligned for Cleveland, and it was destiny that this was their year to win.


94 regular season wins, a division series sweep of the Red Sox, and a 2-0 ALCS lead over the Toronto Blue Jays later, the Indians look better than ever and are a sure shot to appear in their first World Series since 1997. They have yet to lose a game this postseason, continuing the dominance that they’ve had over the American League all season through great pitching and very timely hitting from standouts like Francisco Lindor, Carlos Santana, and Lonnie Chisenhall.




We can’t deny that this is the Cubs season, as well.


103 regular season wins and four thrilling postseason wins later, and the Cubs are also continuing to stake their case for their first World Series since 1908.


It would be an understatement to say that Chicago’s sports history is a little better than Cleveland’s. Outside of baseball, you’ve had some dominant chicago sports franchises. A clear way to start would be with the Bulls and Michael Jordan’s legendary reign over the basketball world, basically winning six titles in six and a half seasons and forming one of the greatest dynasties in sports history with two separate three-peats. You could also look at the Chicago Bears, who have fallen on hard times lately; they last appeared in the Super Bowl in 2006 and boasted one of the greatest teams in NFL history with the 1985 Bears led by Mike Ditka and Walter Payton. Most recently, the Chicago Blackhawks have developed a dynasty of their own led by Patrick Kane, winning three Stanley Cups in the past six seasons.


And then there’s the Cubs. Probably the most beloved team in Chicago and one of the most beloved franchises in all of sports who, again, haven’t won a title since 1908.


Despite this history of losing and misfortune (Steve Bartman), the Cubs have turned themselves into the best team and hottest ticket in Chicago and into America’s darlings. The Cubs appeared on national television more than any other baseball team this season and since the playoffs have started, they have delivered thrilling win after thrilling win. Their most recent dramatic act came on Saturday night in the NLCS opener versus the Los Angeles Dodgers that was highlighted by an 8th inning pinch hit grand slam by third string catcher Miguel Montero, a blast heard around the world with a thunderous roar from the crowd that penetrated through the tv screen. This is harps on the fact that this team is destined to go to the World Series.




Both teams have had a flare for the dramatic this postseason, and it’s only fitting because through all the years that they have had their heartbroken by other teams; it’s time for them to return the favor.


The Good News: This is the year that they both break through and make the World Series.


The Bad News: One of them has to lose and sports tragedy would continue for one team.


The Big Picture: If you are one of those people who believe in Santa, then this would be the series for you to see.


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