In this never ending saga of the NFL and National Anthem protests, a recent situation is showing that it’s nearing rock bottom.


As I have mentioned before, everyone has the right to peacefully protests under law. However, like a lot of things in the world, laws don’t always apply fully, especially when they are morals involved.


Tennessee Titans Tight End Delanie Walker, and his family, have recently become victims of death threats through harsh letters sent by anonymous people.


A few problems with this. One, and most obvious, why do things even have to come to this point? The players have made it a point that protesting the Anthem isn’t being done to go against military or America as a whole, it’s being done to take a stand at the racial injustices that are plaguing this country and showing support for a peer of theirs who initially took the stand and now is without a job for it.


For people around the country to take it as anything other than that at this point is just pushing the agenda and be close minded. Unfortunately, it’s usually these type of close minded people who are also the ones who pen entire letters to athletes and activists, and their families, putting them in potential danger.


There’s just no reason that Walker, or any athlete that is protesting the Anthem for a specific purpose, should be receiving death threats and letters with extremely racist intentions.


(Washington Post)

The crazy thing is, these things aren’t just subjected to minority athletes or people either. Cavs owner Dan Gilbert, received racial letters as well after LeBron James called Donald Trump a “bum” on Twitter and defended the statement at his media day press conference a few days later. So it’s not just a white or black thing, it’s the people versus ANYONE who supports or who is associated with someone who supports the Anthem Protests or goes against the actions of the President.


There’s no real freedom in anything at this point. Colin Kaepernick and other players and people who have supported his initial cause, have made it plain and clear the exact parameters as to why they are protesting. Again, this has nothing to do with our military or America as a whole. It has specific reasonings and justifications based on many incidents that have occurred around the country within the past few years that needed to be called out and stood against, no matter what race you are.


For Walker and his family to be in any danger or to be receding threats putting their lives in jeopardy is harrowing. What it really does is go against everything those people who are firm in their stance against people who protest the Anthem should be standing for.


If you’re problem is that you believe that the protests are going against our military, people put in place to PROTECT our country, then why would you make threats to put other people’s lives in danger in the process?


We’re all Americans at the end of the day, so by posing and writing these death threats, you’re doing the exact opposite of what the entity that you’re supporting is put in place to do. By sending these crazy letters, you’re putting people in danger instead of protecting them. How can you support the military and also support people a fellow American’s life and family in danger at the same time? Just doesn’t make any kind of sense, but that’s the world we live in.


I believe that these Anthem protests are beginning to really make an impact across the country more and more each week. However, with that comes the flip side of it and the backlash that you’re bound to receive. It’s one thing to go on social media and express you’re displeasure for what’s going on because just like it’s the athlete’s right to kneel, stretch or sit during the Anthem, it’s also your personal right to freely express yourselves on social media to denounce it. However, when it begins to go too far and death threats are being sent from anonymous places, it speaks on why the protests are being done in the first place and it furthers the argument as to why major changes need to be addressed and made so that we can all coexist in America.


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