As we just have entered the dog days of August, the Los Angeles Dodgers are showing no signs of slowing down.


Already hitting the 75 win mark, the Dodgers are on a historic pace for regular season wins.


Currently, they are on pace to win 115 games this season which would be one win shy of tying the 2001 Seattle Mariners’ all time regular season wins record.


Historical regular season breakthroughs have started to become a more common theme among the four major sports as we have witnessed the Golden State Warriors break the NBA regular season wins record in 2016 with 73 and we have seen multiple teams in the NHL flirt with the prospect of the wins record as well.


So now that the Dodgers have made a legitimate push for this record, the question has to be posed: Will they be able to do it? And maybe more importantly, do they have the resources to do so?


With a 162 game MLB regular season, injuries, trades and overall team chemistry all play a vital role in any given team’s success.


For the Dodgers, all three have certainly come into play, but they have manifested those things into great success thus far.


Injury-wise, the Dodgers haven’t suffered too many huge setbacks aside from Clayton Kershaw’s recent departure to the DL for a recurring back injury that will likely sideline him for the next month. Even with the news that their star pitcher will be sidelined, they used the trade deadline to land a huge deal, inking Rangers ace Yu Darvish for the stretch run into the playoffs.


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For the greatest of teams, setbacks were always met with comebacks, and ultimately, major come ups in return. The Dodgers have already proved that their turnaround time for these types of things are incredible.


It also helps when your offense is run on a perfect balance of power, contact and speed.


Corey Seager, Adrian Gonzalez and rookie sensation Cody Bellinger come to mind when you think of the engines that make this work with Bellinger leading the way with his picturesque uppercut lefty swing.


This along with superb pitching led by Kershaw, who’s having another Cy Young type of season, led to multiple 10-plus game winning streaks that reached its peak when they became one of the only teams in Major League history to win 30 of 34 games in a given season.


Currently, the Dodgers are on another winning streak of ten or more games and are running away with the NL West, maintain a 14 game lead and counting.


With the rest of August and all of September left, there is plenty season to go which could mean one of two things: They can either continue to dominate at this historic level or begin to fizzle out as the season wanes and their playoff position becomes more and more solidified towards its end.


In order to be among the greatest, they will have to continue to sustain this dominance. With the addition of Darvish and the balance throughout the lineup, there’s no reason as to why they wouldn’t be able to break the 116 win mark of the ‘01 Mariners. With Kershaw likely returning in September, an already dominant staff will become that much better and the incentive to go for the record will keep thugs fresh in the locker and give them all the motivation they need to make it through.


It will be interesting to see if they are able to sustain this historic pace.


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