The Monday after the New York Giants loss to the Green Bay Packers in the Wildcard round of the playoffs, many speculations were swirling around as to why they lost the game.


During the week leading up to the game, many media analysts made a big deal out of the fact that Beckham, as well as other Giants players, were pictured out partying in Miami on New Years. This was made a big deal because New Year’s Day technically began Game week for the Giants who had to play the Packers that upcoming weekend.


As has become the norm with Beckham and players of his caliber, the media will scrutinize every move he makes and every lifestyle action that occurs. If he performs poorly, it’s because something he did outside of football or that he’s having too much young.


Naturally, older media members will most likely echo these sentiments and WFAN radio host Mike Francesca falls right in line.


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On his weekly Football Sunday radio show he hosts on Monday afternoons, Francesca decided to express these thoughts that he shares with so many members of the media who predicted a bad performance from Beckham that week.

“I don’t care where he went during the week,” Francesa said. “I’m not going to revisit the boat because it’s just part of the immaturity that has him out on the field with no shirt on before the game, like he’s proving some point to somebody. Nobody cares if you wear sleeves. Catch the ball. Nobody cares if he’s out there with no shirt on. Catch the ball. Nobody cares that you can make one-handed catches. Try making two-handed catches! Catch the ball. Grow up.”


Francesca’s comments are nothing new to anyone who is against the flare and glamour in which Beckham plays with and carries himself with on and off the field.


The harsh reality of playing like in this way all comes down to this: If he plays well, it’s swept under the rug. If he doesn’t play well, it becomes the headline and it’s looked down upon.


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Now, there’s no defending Beckham and the Giants performance. He dropped multiple passes, including a possible touchdown, and failed to really make any kind of impact on the game. He and the Giants played poorly the second half of that game and allowed Aaron Rodgers to find his groove and proceed to pick them apart.


In saying this, what I will defend him on is this: Partying for New Year’s an entire week before a game isn’t the reason he played poorly. That argument is absolute BS.


For Francesca to rip him for his flashy play is one thing because we all have things about the game we will or won’t tolerate. Francesca believes that he should catch the ball with two hands at all times and focus on that rather than the extracurricular stuff. I get that. But to basically blame a performance on him celebrating New Year’s a week before and framing that within this context that he’s so immature and self-absorbed is crazy.


For one, in his rant he states that he’s not even going to allude to him being in Miami, but the entire rant was based on that fact and how it shows how immature he is. He uses that as a crutch to prove his point.


Second, many athletes were out celebrating on New Year’s because believe it or not, they are people, too.


Just like the millions of people who were bringing in the New Year, football players, even the ones in the playoffs, were celebrating as well. Some went to clubs, some stayed at home, Odell just happened to be in Miami on a boat.


Are we really going to blame a bad performance based on that though?


This is the life that most athletes live, especially when they’re young and talented. This is how it’s been forever, it hasn’t just started with Odell.


Rip his performance for his play on the field, not what happened a week before off of it, it’s just not valid.


Do you blame Odell Beckham’s play on his actions off the field? Let’s talk about it here or find me on Twitter @Phenombc3