With the 2017-2018 NFL regular season about two weeks away, many believe that the Dallas Cowboys have the chance to build off the success of last season and turn it into a Super Bowl this season.


The main component of that success renders on the back of second year running back Ezekiel Elliott who has already established himself as one of the most dynamic players in the league.


Elliott, along with second year QB Dak Prescott, All- Pro receiver Dez Bryant, and an improved defense, were set to take the NFC by storm once again with a year of experience under their belt. However, a wrench has been thrown in that chain with the news that the NFL has slapped Elliott with a six game suspension in regards to a domestic violence charge that has been following him for some time and has been under intense investigation.


This alleged incident happened at a bar during the offseason this past March and has haunted Elliott and the prospects of the Cowboys’ season ever since with the looming threat of a suspension in the air.


(Business Insider)

Now that the NFL has made its decision of suspending Elliott for six games, the Cowboys, Elliott and the NFLPA have been forced to file an appeal to the NFL to possibly get it reduced.


Although it is very likely that the appeal process will grant Elliott a reduction in suspension, he will still be required to miss time, training camp and preseason included. For the Cowboys, a team looking to get over that hump in the NFC, missing Elliott for any amount of time can prove detrimental in the long run in a very crowded and talented conference.


Remember, it’s not like Elliott is an eight year veteran who knows the playbook inside and out. He’s a second year player who will have to shoulder more of the load this year which requires even more knowledge of the offense and the schemes being employed.


With these allegations looming over the surface, and ultimately sidelining Elliott for the time being, it’s going to be hard for him to get fully acclimated to the new system that directly features him. Whether it’s six games, or less if it gets reduced, this time away will be a true test for a team that is on the brink, but now missing its key piece to the Super Bowl puzzle that they have been trying to re-figure out for the last 22 seasons.


This suspension provides us an example of how fast the fame can hit you as well. This offseason has been filled with news of Elliott partying too much, getting into trouble, ultimately being highlighted by the domestic violence charge that has come back to bite him in the end.


Instead of receiving praise and celebrating his record-breaking rookie season, he has inflicted bad press upon himself, and his team, and now his fate is rested upon the hands of the league office which can very well decided the fate of the Cowboys’ season as a whole.


We will see how the Appeal process plays out with the court date set for August 28.


Whether or not the appeal is granted or denied, Elliott will have to miss time either way and the Cowboys will have to figure out how to win without their centerpiece.


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