Since his creation by Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster in 1933, Superman has gone beyond the usual segments of pop culture saved for superheroes. Instead, he’s transcended to new levels of popularity, with some comparing him to a symbol of American freedom and patriotism. There have been countless movies, television and video games about him. He’s had multiple actors play him, everyone from currently Henry Cavill, to Dean Cain to arguably the best actor to portray The Man of Steel, Christopher Reeve.


While Clark Kent, also known as Cal El, is entirely fictional, the Houston Texans’ JJ Watt might be the closest thing that we have on Earth to Superman. For starters, he’s a dominating force in the league and has received numerous accolades and awards, such as an almost 20 combined Defensive Player of the Year awards and has been to The Pro Bowl over four times despite only being an NFL player since 2011.  

(Twitter/JJW Foundation)

As opposed to the very controversial scandals that NFL players sometimes find themselves in, Watt has never been involved in any personal situations that could even be considered scandals. Instead, he’s done such heartwarming acts as playing catch with his fans before games and befriending a young man with special needs who had been bullied by his peers for mentioning his friendship with Watt.


Every year during the second weekend in May, The JJ Watt Foundation, a nonprofit that focuses in raising money for after-school related activities started by Watt himself, hosts a baseball game at Minute Maid Park in where The Houston Texans’ offense faces the defensive players in a baseball game. Along with the added hilarity of football players playing baseball, the JJ Watt Charity Classic raises millions of dollars for after-school activities. The last measurement stated that over $3.3 million had been raised to fund after school athletic programs and organizations.


Following the devastation and loss that millions of people affected by Hurricane Harvey experienced, Watt sprung into action and personally donated $100,000 to start a fund to aid in relief and rebuilding from the hurricane. Since then, many well-known businesses and individuals such as Ellen DeGeneres, Walmart and Texas-based grocery store HEB have donated millions of dollars in money and resources, bringing the total amount raised to $30 million, 150 times higher than Watt’s original goal when started only two weeks ago.


Also, beyond all the incredibly charitable actions that Watt and his many organizations have done, Watt is simply a good role model as well. In an era where any young individual could potentially have a flurry of bad role models, it’s refreshing to see those impressionable individuals in their Watt jerseys or jerseys with the number 99 on the back, being the very same number worn by Watt during every game.


JJ Watt has done nothing short of a miracle, time and time again, both on the field and off the field. His face is on every “game day special” item at HEB and one could witness waves of humanity during a Sunday at NRG Stadium all sporting “99” on their backs. He’s a superstar, a true MVP and most importantly, he’s the true Superman that the Energy Capital of The World has always needed.               


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