When Hurricane Harvey hit Houston, Texas, the amount of devastation that it caused could not be counted or put at any type of value.


When these types of natural disasters happen, it usually serves as a rallying cry for all people who despite their differences in their common lives, all seem to come together when something uncommon like this occurs.


In the midst of hurricane season, some damage is expected, especially in coastal areas where the toll can be at its most dangerous peaks being so close to bodies of water. However, Harvey is considered one of the worst hurricanes in recorded history and to hit a city like Houston was a blow that will have lasting effects.


So naturally, when these terrible things happen, those who can, and even those who really can’t, do whatever they can to help. Most of the time, this results in money being poured in from all areas and walks of life. Although we would like to think that all of it goes directly to the relief effort, we all know how this capitalistic society works and have to come to the grave truth that a lot of that money was a business ploy to take advantage of the hearts of the people.


This is what makes what J.J. Watt started so special.


Starting from a Go Fund Me account that he started on Twitter, making the initial $50,000 donation to directly go to Houston in helping the relief effort, Watt’s campaign quickly grew and grew some more.



Money began to pour in as people, whether they were celebrities, athletes or just the common person, wanted to help in any way they could knowing that this was going to make a direct change.


As the campaign gained traction and ultimately culminated last Thursday night, Watt, after his Houston Texans defeated the Cincinnati Bengals on Thursday Night Football, took the time out of his postgame interview to reveal that the campaign had raised over $37 Million dollars.

Now, to put this in proper perspective, this is just one campaign in the midst of many that were started. But again, when you hear stories of the money being donated to the Red Cross and other corporations like that not all going directly to the city of Houston, it raises eyebrows and really allows you to appreciate the initiative that Watt started and finished.


Many may believe that it’s obligatory for athletes, celebrities and people with a lot of money to take some of it and donate it to charity and do things to help the world, but to actually see someone do it and be hands on with it is nothing short of incredible.


Watt was on the front lines, helping those in need, entrenched in the mentality to truly give back and go directly to the people affected. We saw him giving out food, clothes, water and just being a presence in a place where people need to see that a prominent figure like him actually cared.


So kudos to Watt, and everyone else who made a direct impact in the relief effort. Your contributions will never go unnoticed, especially to the people in Houston.


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