There has never been any collegiate football player with more scrutiny and skepticism on him  than Johnny “Football” Manziel. After becoming the first freshman to ever win the coveted Heisman Trophy in 2013, Manziel made a series of questionable decisions that landed him in some hot water.

The off-the-field issues started in 2012 when Manziel was arrested for false identification after being part of a fist fight.  After the 2013 season Manziel was accused of taking money in return for signing autographs which is and has been illegal in college athletics for some time now. After that, came his no-show at the Manning passing academy due to what Johnny described to the media as illness, or rather “dehydration” to be exact.

AP Photo: Eric Gay

Johnny Manziel. Photo: Eric Gay/AP

These run ins with the law and a few controversial statements led critics to believe that Manziel was just another hot-headed kid who didn’t care about his future.

After putting up even better numbers in the 2013-2014 football season and keeping his slate clean, Johnny has shut down most of his critics  and has successfully raised his draft stock (fancy talk for being ranked high on the NFL Draft boards) to possibly becoming the first overall pick.

Tony Manfred of Business Insider shares this reason for Manziel’s recent stock boom

“Manziel’s rise can be attributed to a variety of factors. First, the NFL has become much more receptive to non-traditional quarterbacks. A few years ago, Manziel might have been considered too much of a risk. But with guys like Russell Wilson succeeding, Manziel enters a league that’s ready to use his unique skill set.”

As of now ESPN draft guru, Mel Kiper Junior, has Manziel slated as the number one overall draft pick for the Houston Texans. If this prediction holds true, Johnny Football will have yet another reason to tell the critics to BE QUIET.

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