Coming out of Texas A&M, Johnny Manziel was looked at as a project worth the time.


Possessing the ability to throw the ball downfield and with accuracy, as well as a top- notch running ability which allowed him to make fantastic plays out of nothing, Manziel’s potential has a glass ceiling. Harvesting that potential and getting the most out of it, was the project in itself and it proved to be a failing one to this point.


After getting drafted by the Cleveland Browns in 2014, Manziel, despite some flashes of that glass ceiling of potential, was never able to fully find his footing adjusting to the NFL and the fame that comes with it.


Playing for a mediocre organization with little to no structure wasn’t an ideal for him either. Therefore, when things weren’t going his way, he resorted to many nights of partying instead of burying his head in the offensive playbook. This partying and clamoring for attention and the spotlight led to some bad decisions being made by Manziel along the way. From missing meetings and practices from being hungover to even the most extreme situation of domestically abusing his former girlfriend, Manziel looked to overstay his welcome in the NFL and the project that once had so much promise turned into a tumultuous situation for all parties involved.


Due to these inordinate number of transgressions and headaches, Manziel was released from the Browns after just two seasons.


Following the release, he resorted to even more partying and rebelling which led to massive media coverage about his downfalls and whether he could ever right the ship.


Looking at the evidence, it seemed that Manziel was down with nowhere to go.


Enter 2017, and Manziel, after months of rehab and self-introspection, announced on Twitter that he is ready to put his past behind him and play in the NFL again if a team would have him.



With this tweet, Manziel has put it out there to any team that would be willing to deal with everything that comes with him. Whoever that team is, Manziel believes that their investment would be worthwhile because he claims to be done with the party life.


“I refuse to let my entire life of sports from the age of four be squandered by partying,” Manziel said, “I just got sick of it. One day I didn’t like what I saw in the mirror and realized I could really help people in the position I’m in.”

“I love sports, I love football and when you take something away from yourself you realize it the hard way. The happiness from doing it sober has been astronomical. Beyond my wildest imagination and once that continued other good things started happening in my life and it just clicked.”


From the looks of the tweet and these quotes, one could imagine the backlash that he has had to deal with, deservedly so, and how it can affect anyone it comes into contact with.


The real question is: Can we believe him?


Maybe more importantly, does he truly believe this himself?


I am a believer that people deserve second chances to right whatever shopper they may have wrecked over the course of their lives.


For Manziel, he squandered his first opportunity to play in the NFL and make money doing what he claims to truly love. For most people in this world, they would dream of having that chance, but they also don’t understand everything that comes with it.


It’s for this reason that I believe that he does deserve a second chance to show that glass ceiling of potential that we all know he has.


For anyone to experience the type of fame and recognition at an early age can be euphoric and detrimental, especially when you fall from grace and now have to deal with the negative side of it all.


To be clear, his decisions were his own and there’s no turning back from the fact that they were terrible ones to make. In saying that, Manziel is still only 24 years old with his entire life and possible football career ahead of him. For him to not have a chance to fix these problems he created, to me, would be a shame, especially if he has claimed to put all of it behind him.


If there would be any team(s) that would be willing to deal with Manziel and everything he comes with, it would be the Cowboys and Patriots.


The Cowboys and their owner Jerry Jones has been public in his praise for Manziel’s ability and potential to be a star. Jones would be sure to take the first chance at that opportunity and be the person to take on the reclamation project that would be Manziel.


The Patriots have made it a common practice to take on talented players who have had some past issues. They recently signed Michael Floyd who earlier this season was arrested for a DUI and release by the Arizona Cardinals. The Pats, have an established organizational structure that will best suit Manziel for a possible return. The Patriots also have a penchant for using players in unique ways to best utilize their skill set and maximize their potential.


These two teams would be the best bet in my opinion, but in Manziel’s eyes, he’s just looking for one team to take that chance.


Do you think Manziel deserves to play in the NFL again? Let’s talk about it here or find me on Twitter @Phenombc3.