Professional athletes typically work their entire lives to try to be the best at their respective sport. For many, the ultimate goal is to reach the Hall of Fame, one of the most heralded honors any athlete can receive.


The begins of August represents a key time in the NFL. For one, it means that the season has begun and that training camps are underway. It also means that a new batch of Hall of Famers will be announced and be ushered into Football allure.


This time can be extremely emotional for all players involved in the HOF process. Again, it’s what you work so tirelessly to achieve. So when your name is called and you have been chosen, it’s an unspeakable honor that takes weeks and preparation to put into the best combination of words.


These same words that have been carefully crafted by the honorees are used to highlight careers that have taken their ups and downs, people that have helped to guide them to success and personal stories that either make us laugh, cry or even both. Rarely are these speeches written to make an outward change. Instead, they usually reflect an inward change that took place within the players themselves.


(San Diego Union Tribune)

Former San Diego Chargers running back LaDainian Tomlinson decided to use his speech to make an outward change.


While detailing the highs and lows of a stellar career, and life, Tomlinson then shifted gears to a matter that has affected the world, especially of late: Equality.


In front of thousands in attendance, and millions watching, LT displayed the passion and grit while on that stage that he had his entire NFL career. The Hall of Famer spoke on his upbringing, current family life and how people who are not of color have always been involved and accepted and vice versa. He explained how this current climate of American society must be changed and that we must do it working together, no matter what race or ethnicity you are


When hearing this, your ears perk up, not because it hasn’t been said before, but nobody has used this specific platform to say it. Think about it, football draws and brings people from all walks of life together. It’s the most popular sport in America which means that  a majority of the people watch these games together whether at home or at the stadiums where they sit right next to each other. For many, football, and sports in general, is one of the only things that we share in common. The love for the game, and for specific teams, allows us to have some type of common ground that otherwise may not exist.


This is why this stage was so essential for Tomlinson’s rally for equality to be expounded on. You had no choice but to hear it and recent events that have occurred in Charlottesville, Virginia have given the speech even more credibility. The white supremacy rally that took place over the weekend are the types of things that LT suggested are very possible in this current societal climate. It’s also what LT said can help to be avoided if everyone sticks together instead of trying to divide and conquer.


So if you didn’t pay it much attention when he gave his speech, you certainly have to give it your attention now that lives have been taken and people have been hurt.


I commend Tomlinson for using that big of a stage to say what needed to be said, especially by these famous and popular professional athletes who can make a change just by one word or one click of a button. Yes, we love to celebrate success and achievement, but even more so, we love to celebrate what you ultimately do what you do with that success and how you can make a positive impact because of it.


LT did just that.


With recent events, do you think that Tomlinson’s speech was necessary for the platform that it was said on? Let’s talk about it here or find me on Twitter @Phenombc3.