With the month of March just around the corner, the hype of “March Madness” is begging to ensue. The college basketball season is in the home stretch, so it is time to see who will receive the number one seed in the NCAA Tournament, and supposedly have the easiest path to the title.


At the moment, the top four teams in the nation are Florida, Wichita State, Arizona, and Syracuse. If the season were to end today, these schools would lock in all four of the top seeds in the tournament. However, this is not the case. We still have multiple conference match-ups, as well as the always-challenging conference tournaments. Out of those four teams, Wichita State has the best chance to finish the season unscathed due to how weak their conference is.



Wichita State Forward, Cleanthony Early. (Marvin Gentry/USA Today Sports)

Wichita State Forward, Cleanthony Early. (Marvin Gentry/USA Today Sports)

After Wichita, Florida is another team getting a lot of love due to their consistency all season. They have a veteran team with a coach that has won multiple championships; that is a recipe for success in March.

Like Florida, Syracuse also has a coach who has witnessed a few games of basketball in his day. Jim Boehiem also has a championship under his belt and is leading an extremely talented Syracuse squad.


The last team to be selected will really depend on the conference tournament outcomes. If Coach K and Jabari Parker can navigate the Duke Blue Devils through a remarkably difficult ACC tournament, they will take the one seed — no doubt. The University of Arizona Wildcats are in the same position as the Blue Devils. The Wildcats need to be flawless the rest of the season and win the PAC 12 conference tournament to be in consideration.


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