Per usual as of the past few years, Alabama head man Nick Saban issued one of his usual state of college football/SEC addresses this past week during his media availability as the season is about to get underway.


Saban usually covers topics ranging from the state of his own team, the state of college football as a whole and most notably the state of the media and how they need to be better at their jobs.


This go around, Saban tackled the topic of scheduling and how a different scheduling format would be extremely beneficial to college football as a whole.


As it stands now, in the early parts of the season, schools in the Power 5 conferences (SEC, Big 10, ACC, Big 12 and PAC 12) typically look to bolster their records by playing games against mid-major to 1-AA schools that really don’t stand a chance 90 percent of the time. An upset here or there will occur, but for the most part, it’s a wash of a game, simply a tune up or a relaxation period before they have to go into their conference schedule.


According to Nick Saban, this does nobody good. Saban instead, proposed that all year, Power 5 schools should play other Power 5 schools with no “fillers” necessary.


Essentially, every game will actually mean more than it does now. College football prides itself on its opening weekend matchups, its conference games and obviously its Bowl games. With Saban’s new proposal, every game will be like an opening weekend matchup, every game will be like a conference game and every game will be like a bowl game.


Pitting the best teams against one another every week will not only make the season more exciting, but it will be a huge cash cow as well. Every week there will have to be a big time matchup between Top 25, Top 10 and Top 5 ranked schools. The fanfare for these matchups will be through the roof and you can even give it that bowl atmosphere by scheduling some games at neutral sites like you do on opening weekend and Bowl games.



With big time matchups every week across the board, sponsors will be coming in droves as everyone will be looking to spend those advertisement dollars to take advantage of the big moments that will be created.


This new schedule format will allow the perfect season to mean that much more while also making more room for one and possibly two loss teams to have a chance to make the playoff. As far as the college football playoff itself is concerned, you also open the door to expand that into 8 teams and really make a spectacle out of it.


Granted, these big changes will have to lead to smaller ones like having to make the regular season a game or two shorter to make room for the extended playoff and conference championship games. Other logistics will rear their heads as well but the big picture value here could mean big success for an already extremely popular sport.


Just imagine your favorite team in a big time matchup every week battling for their playoff lives with every snap, every pass, every throw and every tackle. With this new format, every step and breath you take will mean that much more and isn’t that what we all would want?


Would you be open to seeing a schedule format such as this? Let’s talk about it here or find me on Twitter @Phenombc3.