It’s official, June 10 will be one of the most anticipated days in recent boxing history.


After months of back and forth between Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor, it looks like the two sides have finally reached an agreement and set the June 10th date to finally step in the ring for an epic boxing matchup.


This match will likely be one of the most viewed in history just due to the ramifications.


(Al Bello/Getty Images)

Mayweather, the 49-0 pound for pound best fighter in the world, and one of the most talked about boxers in history, is coming out of his “retirement” to fight by far his most interesting opponent.


McGregor, the UFC juggernaut, has established himself as also one of the most talked about and watched fighters in entertainment. His penchant to talk heavy and back it up makes him the perfect opponent for Floyd… pre- fight.


I keep mentioning entertainment because that’s what this truly is. It’s a huge money grab that people will salivate over.


In reality, there’s no reason that Mayweather and McGregor should ever step into a boxing ring together. Floyd has fought some of the best boxers of his day, so for McGregor to realistically be his next fight is kind if a disgrace to those who came before him.


We all know McGregor is big time and box office, but in his own arena, in his own ring.


The boxing ring is a place where Floyd has never lost. It’s a place where he has been in some tough battles with some of the best and still came out on top. It’s a place that has made him who he is. It’s also a place where many fighters have trained their entire lives to get into and to compete. For McGregor to be his next opponent with little to no boxing experience is a hit on the sport of boxing, but a win for entertainment.


Again, this will probably go down as one of the most watched fights in history simply due to the two people who will be in the ring on their names alone.


As for the fight itself? It will probably be a typical Mayweather fight: Tactically sound, landing a good percentage of his shots and simply outboxing his opponent.


The real question here is how McGregor will look.


As seen from the videos of his starring sessions, it looks as if he will box in a similar style as how he fights in the octagon. It also looks as if he is no match for Floyd in the ring and on this platform.


All in all, this is a victory for the entertainment industry and a loss for true fans of each sport. The best part of this bout will probably everything leading up to the actual fight.


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