Three countries in four days.

From Los Angeles to London, with New York and Toronto mixed in, Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor embarked on a four day, three country, press tour to promote their fight on August 26.


The tour was designed to build momentum and hype for this hybrid matchup between the two that is expected to be the biggest prize fight of all time.


Mayweather isn’t new to this type of hype as he has changed the game of boxing by making it as lucrative as it ever has been. He will reported earn close to $500 Million in this fight in total, and will likely take home close to $150-200 Million himself. As he has continued to build his career and his brand, he has continue to expand the purses available for a boxer to earn from any given bout.



His affinity for the limelight and letting the world know how rich he is, and how perfect his boxing record is, has driven the sport to new entertainment heights that have only recently been matched possibly by one other man; Conor McGregor.


McGregor, like Mayweather for boxing, has elevated the UFC to new heights both monetarily and by popularity. McGregor is UFC’s Floyd Mayweather. He is one who is very boastful, but boastfully backs up every word he says. The sport hangs on his every word and opponents welcome the chance to shut him up on the surface, but soon find out why he is who he is once they step onto the battlefield shortly thereafter.


You see, like Mayweather, McGregor has also built his brand on hard work and reaping the total rewards of it. Not only will each let you know that they’re great, but they will let you know that both worked hard to be this great and that both will be sure to enjoy the lucrative treasures that come from being great at what they do.


This is why this tour was a logical endeavor to undertake.


Two of the most hated and loved figures in sports, crossing genres of sorts for the ultimate money grab. One of the most polished boxers of all time, fighting someone who has never competitively boxed before doesn’t seem like a fair match, but that’s not what this is all about.


This four day, three country tour showed you exactly what all of this is about, the money. Typically, press for any fight comes days before the actually bout in a two hour event filled with trash talk and a stare down. But you can’t just promote this kind of fight in the traditional way, especially not with these two involved. No, going to three countries in four days was the only way that this could be properly promoted.


This four day cycle was filled with what you would expect from these two: a huge amount of trash talk, an endless amount of curses uttered, numerous attempts to sway the crowd over to there side by bashing the other and of course, four staredowns that turned more and more hostile each time out.


It was a tour that really had no set format. Each showed up at whatever time they pleased, talked out of turn at every step, flung microphones into the crowd and almost allowed their entourages to come to blows multiple times.


This kind of unpredictable action is just what they wanted though. The coverage received from this press run was unprecedented and I believe it fulfilled its purpose of creating even more of a hype for what McGregor continuously called “half of a fight”.


No matter whether it is a half fight, full fight or even quarter of a fight, the only thing that they will not have to fight over is the money that each will receive at its end and to each, that’s really all that matters when it’s all said and done.


Do you think that this fight was worth the world tour press run it received? Let’s talk about it here or find me on Twitter @Phenombc3.