With Conor McGregor winning emphatically at UFC 205 and taking UFC by storm through his massive personality, tremendous talent, and undeniable marketability, it’s natural to speculate how he would fare if he faced off with the biggest names in the fighting sport.


This even travels to the boxing world where Floyd Mayweather, Jr. has reigned supreme the past 20 years with a perfect 49-0 record.


A Mayweather and McGregor matchup would be a box office smash if it ever were to happen.


McGregor has made it clear that he is open to the bout, even going away from his roots in the octagon and abiding by the rules of boxing, taking it to Mayweather’s turf. On the other hand, Mayweather hasn’t been as adamant about the potential matchup, as he is currently retired and it would likely take the biggest check in history to lure him out for this kind of matchup.


To be clear, saying all of this, it is highly unlikely that this will ever come to fruition.


Again, Mayweather is retired and unless they can come up with by far the biggest purse in history, even beyond Floyd’s standard, there is no way that Mayweather would come out of retirement to fight someone who isn’t even a boxer. A second thing to consider is the fact that they are two different fighters in two different sports, really. Due to this fact, and McGregor clearly separating and establishing himself as the UFC’s top earner and attraction, UFC President Dana White would never approve of this kind of move for McGregor to fight outside of the sport.


For this article and to fuel our imaginations, we are going to pretend that this fight is a sure thing and that it is going to happen.


Now again, McGregor has said that he would take this to the boxing ring and abide by all of Mayweather’s stipulations. Therefore, we must look through this through a boxing lens.


(Scrap Digest)

(Scrap Digest)

Mayweather is pound-for-pound one of the greatest boxers in history. Say what you want about his style of fighting and his style of flossing his money and lifestyle, he is undefeated in 49 fights and has fought pretty much all of the biggest names in boxing who have dedicated their entire lives to this specific sport.


Mayweather would clearly have the advantage in the ring with his ability to pick his spots effectively, glide around the ring, and dip and dodge punches with some of the best frequency we may have ever seen. Mayweather is a trained technician in the boxing ring with ultra-quick hands and feet and a small frame that makes it hard to land a clean punch.


Although McGregor is a mixed-martial artist by trade, his boxing skills in the octagon are impeccable. Much like Mayweather, McGregor is a master at picking his spots and punching effectively to cause major damage. Compared to Mayweather, McGregor has more power and would presumably be more of the knockout artist in this bout. Mcgregor left hand is one of the deadliest in the UFC and his precision is clearly the best as we saw with UFC 205 where every left hand that landed on Eddie Alvarez knocked him down.


As far as them being in the ring together, McGregor stands one inch taller at 5’9 compared to Mayweather’s 5’8 frame. McGregor also has a farther reach than Mayweather at 74 inches compared to 72 inches. So, the measurables would be in McGregor’s favor.


Although this is true, McGregor would have a lot to overcome in a boxing ring. First of all, his usual tendency to stand still and almost straight up, as well as a tendency of his to stay stationary in the octagon would have to change in the ring where it is important to be able to move around effectively, especially against Mayweather.


McGregor would have to use his size to his advantage and look to smother Mayweather as much as possible in order to shorten the ring and make Mayweather have to really fight his way out of trouble. With Mayweather knowing about left hand coming over the top, McGregor must make his jab present throughout the fight and pick his spots with the left as he usually does.


(NY Daily News)

(NY Daily News)

Mayweather has fought bigger boxers before, so this wouldn’t be new to him.  He would glide around the ring and make McGregor chase him, which he is not used to doing in a UFC fight. Mayweather’s patience and stamina will also be a big factor as McGregor is not used to being in a long, technical fight where patience is key. I think this is where McGregor would have the biggest adjustment because his mindset would have to drastically change as he is not facing someone who can easily be hit mentally or physically enough to knock out, let alone even knockdown quickly as he is used to in the UFC.


Overall, it’s clear that Mayweather would have the advantage in the ring, but it would still be a lost-lose situation for him and a win-win for McGregor.


Since McGregor is making the move to the ring, he would get praised for the difficulty that that entails and having the ability to stand toe-to-toe with the best even in the boxing ring. Mayweather, on the other hand, would be expected to win and if he were to lose, it would completely tarnish his legacy.


Noting that, this matchup wouldn’t really make sense for anyone involved except for McGregor personally. Mayweather wouldn’t gain anything but more money in his pocket while McGregor’s popularity and overall marketability would likely rise.


If this did ever happen, I would predict a Mayweather win by unanimous decision.


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