As many expected, Myles Garrett, the star defensive end out of Texas A&M was taken first overall in the 2017 NFL Draft by the Cleveland Browns.


This was your classic take the best player available with your first pick scenario where many thought that they should have gone with need over talent by taking a quarterback. However, the Browns felt that Garrett’s talent and upside were too great to pass up and that he can be a cornerstone of their franchise for years to come.



So the questions will be: Can he live up to the hype?


Well let’s look at the factors. You have a 6’5″, 271-pound hybrid who possesses unparalleled speed for someone his size. Garrett also brings to the table a nice burst coming off the edge and the strength to be able to disengage offensive linemen effectively.


His outgoing personality makes him a viable candidate to be a potential face of the franchise which is why you take someone with the first pick of any draft.


The measurables add up. The upside is clearly there and he certainly as the confidence that he can come right in and produce at a very high level.


However, the downside to this is that by not taking a top quarterback prospect, you’re putting yourself in that much deeper of a hole moving forward.


It’s easy to get any quarterback off of the free agency wire, but you’re not expecting him to lead this team to any sort of promise. He’s basically just a filler in order to get you to the next draft where you hope the next great quarterback will be.


By taking Garrett, yes, you gain the player with the biggest upside in the draft, but you also miss the opportunity to potentially get a signal caller that you can build around. So it’s a give or take here and the Browns chose the talent over the need.


We’ll see how it works out for them.


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