After an 11 year stint as the official outfitter for NBA, WNBA, and D-League jerseys, Adidas is out and Nike is in.


It was made completely official last week when the NBA, and its teams, unveiled the new look Nike Jerseys that they will be wearing this season and more to come.


With Adidas, as a brand, falling to number three behind Nike and Under Armour, as well as the fact that their contract with the NBA was up after last season, it was clear that the NBA would look to go in another direction.


The new Nike jerseys feature new designs and color schemes for some teams who felt their logo and layout needed a modern update. They also feature Nike’s famous flyknit fabric which makes it easier for players to move around and provides a natural cooling system for players during the game that takes in sweat extremely well.


The jerseys also fit the modern style of today’s game and fashion where players like to wear tighter and more fitting clothing as opposed to the more baggy look. This is shown within the sleeveless cuts of the new uniforms that are more hemmed in around the shoulder to armpit area.


The biggest innovation and addition to the new NBA uniforms are the sponsorship patches to the left side of the chest. Last year, teams decided on whether or not they would go the WNBA route and feature their sponsors on their jerseys to increase revenue. The first team through the door was the Philadelphia 76ers, who declared that they would feature the sponsorship patch this upcoming season. Since then, a majority of the teams have followed suit and have done the same, most notably the Cavaliers with Goodyear and the Charlotte Hornets with Brand Jordan.


Personally speaking, this was the best move for the NBA and for Nike.


Most players who enter the league, wore Nike in college as most college basketball programs are sponsored by the Swoosh. Many of those same players choose to stay with Nike in their pro careers, whether through sponsorships or if they just want to keep wearing them in general.



As the number one athletic brand, Nike is the most attractive brand to players and fans who most likely wear Nike every day anyway.


Most of the game’s biggest stars, LeBron James, Kevin Durant, Russell Westbrook, and others are all sponsored by Nike or the Jordan Brand, a subsidiary of Nike. So, the familiarity that Nike has with the game of basketball and its most high profile players is of extended value for the exposure of the game and ultimately, the dollars and cents that comes with all of it.


Simply put, Nike is the most global athletic brand and the NBA is becoming the most globally accepted sporting brand. People from all over the world are picking up a basketball and most likely putting on Nike gear to play the game that Nike has now officially partnered with.


This is a smart move on both sides that will certainly pay off big time.


In the meantime, take a look at a few of my favorite NBA/Nike Uniforms that we’re just unveiled:


(Cavs Nation)



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