For $258 Million dollars, Neymar, Jr. has officially become one of the highest paid athletes in the world.


In a move that had been speculated on for a week or so leading to the official story, Barcelona FC transferred the services of Neymar to PSG for the biggest amount in soccer history.


In fact, that week leading up to this news breaking was El Clasico week which had been played on U.S. soil the first time in its storied history. The lead up to the game had been filled with reports that Neymar had gotten into a fight with a teammate during a training session and had left the field right after. This was followed by increased rumors and murmurs that PSG had been very interested in acquiring Neymar and that he was likewise interested in joining their team.


Neymar is a world class talent and for him to be on Barcelona, a team with Lionel Messi, was an unfair deal if you really think about it. But that’s the nature of soccer, the bigger the team, the more star power and talent that you are able to possess on one given roster.


Playing alongside Messi, Neymar, you think would relish in the opportunity. In theory, it should open up way more opportunities for him to operate and do what he does best than he would get if he was the main component of another squad. However, it’s clear that Neymar had started to get some of the Kyrie Irving syndrome and want to have a team that is built around him instead playing a supporting role next to someone who is the clear go to guy.


This creates an interesting dynamic. The notion that you would ultimately sacrifice wins for overall notoriety would seem crazy to most. I mean, look at Irving and Neymar respectively.



One is the point guard of a team that has been to the NBA Finals the past three seasons, one who is also coming off his most productive season as a pro. The other is the striker for one of the most dominant soccer teams in the world where his only role and agenda is to score and receive all of the glory that comes with that.


Just like Neymar was seemingly put in a position to fully exploit his talents, so was Irving. Playing alongside LeBron James, Irving’s main objective was to put the ball in the basket every night, something he is elite at doing. You would think that this along with the success that the team has had would be enough to warrant one to stay… but it’s just not the case.


So, each decided that they would openly seek out trades (or in Neymar’s case a transfer) from these teams in search of teams that would be built around themselves. With the talent that they possess, you can’t blame them for believing that they should warrant that kind of respect. However, is that worth sacrificing consistent success?


Well, in Neymar’s case, he has $258 Million reasons as to why he would believe that to be worth it. To be honest, that kind of money would allow anyone to believe that as well, we can’t lie here.


In Irving’s case, we have yet to see what will lie ahead for him. What we do know is that like Neymar, reports have leaned towards him leaving and with the money they’re giving out in today’s NBA, don’t be surprised if he can attract the same type of big money that Neymar received.


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