Are you ready for some football talk? The National Football League’s Great Wait of 2014 is finally over, as the slow crawl to the Draft ends on Thursday.  For reasons not entirely clear and not entirely clearly stated, the Draft was pushed back a few weeks this year, ostensibly to allow the National Football League (NFL) to extend the window of off-season conversation.


The NFL, of course, understands the fundamental truth that there is no such thing as too much football discussion and that we are all drooling, slurping fools when it comes to breaking down 40 times, verticals, hand size, wonderlics and what-nots. That said, even though the NFL gave us a brief respite from Kiper’s Big Board by giving us Costner on the big screen, they are doing everything they can to push the limits of our patience.


We had a sense that we were running out of things to analyze when Jon Gruden recently started showing up at Bar Mitzvahs to break down the performances of 13 year-old “signal callers” — “Listen, Jimmy, I love what you’re doing on Saturdays, and that way you manhandled the haftorah really impressed me. I can see that working on Sundays. Let’s trade in that yarmulke for a helmet.”


The NFL Draft is one of those rare entities about which the more we talk, the less we know. One could even make the argument that with the arrival of Draft week, the Draft picture has never been more muddled. I suppose at this point we are obligated to make our first Johnny Manziel reference, if only to reinforce the absurdly entertaining drama attached to a player who may be selected in the top 5 or the bottom five of the first round.


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Here’s what else is swirling in our heads as we prepare to rekindle our love affair with the great American game:


1. This is the year we put the “Q” in QB, as the top prospects all have question marks on their resume: Johnny is too short (and too Johnny), Blake Bortles is unproven, Teddy Bridgewater submitted one of the worst pro days in recent memory and Derek Carr is haunted by the recent memory of his brother, David, being perceived as a bust after he was selected with the number one overall pick in 2002.


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2. The team that has the first pick in the Draft, Houston, has declared that Jadeveon Clowney is the best player in the Draft, but they still might not select him. Kinda weird, right?


3. The other guy who may be the best overall player in the Draft, linebacker Khalil Mack from the University of Buffalo is a bit of a mystery man, given the low caliber of competition he faced in college. Although he does get points for giving people in Buffalo something to cheer about in the fall.


4. We have no choice but to embrace the “unsexiness” of the three top flight offensive lineman who will be selected in the top 10. They are really good — but you will still probably wish your team plucked Manziel instead.


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5. For my money, the not-so-obvious king of this Draft class could be Clemson wide receiver Sammy Watkins. Let us all implore the football gods that he does not wind up in Oakland.


6. Everyone’s favorite Draft Day ritual: the ceremonial booing of the Jets’ pick. I am giddy with anticipation.


The talking finally ends this Thursday. And then we’ll really have something to talk about for the next four months.


So, what are your thoughts about the 2014 NFL Draft?  Feel free to share your insights via the comment section, or tweet me endbadly.