Congratulations if you took the under on Percy Harvin’s tenure with the Seahawks. After just 21 games, most of which Harvin missed due to injury, the defending champs jettisoned the star of their jet sweep formation to, naturally, the Jets. Mid-season NFL trades are rare, rarer still when they involve a unique, game-breaking talent in the prime of his career. To further complicate matters, Seattle parted with three draft picks, including a first rounder, to acquire Harvin from the Vikings prior to last season, and he seemed to be the focal point of every discussion about the team’s offensive potential. This begs the question what exactly did Harvin do to warrant a punishment of a one-way ticket to NFL purgatory?


The Percy era in Seattle may not have been the most productive, but he got paid ($22.5 million guaranteed), got a ring, played a primary role in the Super Bowl, and somehow made enemies with everyone in the Seahawks organization. That’s the NFL wide receiver diva version of a superfecta. We may never know the truth about the undoing of Harvin’s run in the Northwest, but this will certainly be a pivotal and defining moment for the champs. It’s fair to say they have lost a bit of their edge from last season, and perhaps a blue-collar team with a chip on its shoulder was never the right place for an occasionally-controversial figure like Harvin. While the Seahawks don’t shy away from brashness (hello, Richard Sherman), Harvin’s exodus is the loudest message of all so far this NFL season.


Here’s what else we’re shouting about as we look at the Week Seven big board.


Peyton on the Prowl:

Peyton Manning needs three touchdown tosses to pass Brett Favre as the all-time leader in that category. Media swooning over Favre is always uncomfortable, and we expect a whole lot of footage of vintage Favre-being-Favre moments. The cerebral Manning and aw-shucks gunslinging Favre reside in opposite wings of the QB legends mansion, but they are titanic figures in the sport. Of course, they’ve both been criticized for coming up short in big games. And that may be the only record Peyton really cares about.


Run ‘Til He Drops:

The Cowboys DeMarco Murray is the offensive MVP of the first half of the season. He has topped 100 rushing yards in every game this season, putting him in all-time elite company. We don’t want to jinx a man on a historic run, but Murray has battled injury issues his entire career, and rarely has one player ever been asked to carry such a heavy load for his team. It bears watching whether Dallas will monitor his usage moving forward.


Paper Tigers?:

We’d like to thank the Bengals for reminding us why they’re the Bengals, doing everything they can to lose (or tie) their biggest games. This may be the final chance for Cincinnati to make a statement this season, as they visit the Colts. The problem is, other than loving everything about Andrew Luck, including his neck beard, we don’t really know what to think of Indy. In the land of the blind, the one-eyed man is king, and in the land of the kinda soft division leaders, one of these teams will be fitted for a crown.


Calling All Saints:

Just because they were on a bye this past week, doesn’t mean we have forgotten about the disappointing start to the Saints’ season. They are on the road this week (never a good thing) and likely without Jimmy Graham (also never a good thing), and there is strong potential for another anemic performance from this team. This feels like a last gasp effort to prove they can win away from New Orleans. The mediocrity of the NFC South is keeping them within striking distance, but that will only take the Saints so far.


Mundane Night Football:

Remember those dinner plans you’ve been putting off? Monday is shaping up to be a great day for that. We have what appears to be our first Monday Night Football stinker of the year, as the Texans travel to the Steelers. Hard to get excited about this one, unless you’re still not convinced the Steelers are an atrocity.


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