In the newest episode of the continuing saga between Knicks owner James Dolan and former Knick player Charles Oakley, Oakley recently rejected Dolan’s offer to return to MSG as his personal guest and compared him to former owner Donald Sterling who was banned from the NBA for his racial actions over the course of his tenure.


After a meeting mediated by Commissioner Adam Silver and Michael Jordan, Dolan came out of the meeting ready to receive Oakley back to Knick games at Madison Square Garden, but Oakley defiantly refused saying that he would rather go to jail than to have the Knicks acting nice to him. This was said in regards to Dolan’s comments that Oakley was an alcoholic and needed a lot of help.


Oakley expressed his concern with Dolan and how he runs things as the head of the Knicks’ franchise.

“He’s a control freak. He’s got everybody in the Garden on pins and needles,” said Oakley. “The other owners know this … they’re going to end up letting something happen like what happened to the LA Clippers. It’s that bad and they won’t talk about it.”


Former Clippers owner Donald Sterling

Again, Oakley is referring to former Clippers owner Donald Sterling who was stripped of the Clippers’ franchise a few years ago and banned from the league for years of racial injustices instituted through his businesses, including the Clippers franchise. This caused the team to almost boycott regular season games and sparked a league-wide protest against Sterling being an owner, with his former wife Shelly Sterling being at the helm of it.


This comparison to Sterling is a deep shot from Oakley taken at Dolan. Not only is he suggesting that the franchise is run off of corruption and fear of the owner, but it also insinuates that Dolan’s character should be in question as an owner of a team who play in a league predominantly made up of African-Americans.


This story has gained some steam, stemming from a report last night that Oakley will be attending tonight’s game when the Knicks take on the Cavaliers in Cleveland.


This move would be another direct shot at Dolan being that Oakley refuses to come to MSG to watch the Knicks again while Dolan is in charge, but will travel to various away games to watch the team play.


It’s just another chapter in this story about disrespect and miscommunication between two men who have not seen eye to eye in years.


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