Across the NBA, there are players who are defined by specific roles and personas that tend to carry with them throughout their careers.


Oftentimes, these players learn to embrace these roles and utilize them to sustain a long, healthy career and make themselves an asset to any team that they’re on.


For Patrick Beverley, he went the opposite route and decided that it was time for him to break away from his established stigma in order to showcase his true potential.


Beverley is known as a relentless defender who will do anything he can to get into the head of the opposing team’s best guard and try to stifle him. To this point, it has served Beverley well in his career as he became a premier player for a Houston Rockets franchise that has been on the come up the past few years. Beverley’s tenacity on the defensive end as well as his penchant to make clutch shots in clutch moments made him into that valuable commodity that players like these build their careers for.


With his impending free agency this summer and with the Rockets looking to continue to improve, you would think that a staple like Beverley would be quick to sign a deal to return.




Instead, in somewhat surprising news, Beverley was traded to the Los Angeles Clippers in exchange for star guard Chris Paul. Now many basketball fans would agree that this was a must make move for the Rockets when it was presented to them. Losing Beverley is hard, but getting a perennial all star and one of the great point guards of all time is more than a fair return. When this was announced, everyone applauded the Rockets for a move that is sure to be an upgrade for a team on the rise.


However, what most didn’t realize is that it was Beverley himself who in fact sought out a trade in the first place.


In a recent press conference, one of his first as a LA Clipper, Beverley revealed that he sought out the trade in order to have the opportunity to showcase his true potential.


Again, he is known as a defensive force and an agitator who will do anything it takes to help his team win. However, the offensive side of the ball isn’t anywhere near his strong suit, or that’s at least what we think.


Think about this: When you have a volume scorer like James Harden and sharpshooters like Eric Gordon, Lou Williams, Ryan Anderson and Trevor Ariza on one team, it’s hard for a guy like Beverley to take some shine in any offensive endeavor because he really doesn’t have to. In order for the Rockets to be successful, Beverley had to do the dirty work and hold it down defensively. This is a role that he embraced and that ultimately has come to define him as we know it, which has clearly done him pretty well.


But like the true competitor that he is, he knows that he has more to give than just shuffling his feet and staying in front of defenders. In his mind, he can make a difference offensively as well and run a team just as well as any other guard in the league.


Can he really do that though?



My personal answer would be no, or at least not better than a lot of guards in the league stock full of talented guards on the offensive end.


As I mentioned before, Beverley is capable of knocking down the open three and as we saw a couple times in last year’s playoffs, he can also create for others when the ball is in his hands.


Though these spurts of offensive prowess were impressive, it’s hard to think that he can truly sustain it throughout an entire season, especially as the lead guard.


But then again, if you think about it, the Clippers are an alternate version of what the Rockets have become, a team that likes to get up and down the floor.


Beverley will be used to the fast paced play, which is a plus, but to ask him to run the team, or even better, for him to tell us that he is capable of doing so… that’s not a jump that I’m willing to make right now.


Beverley sought out this trade to prove that he can do so and to most likely prove all of the doubters wrong. For that, I don’t fault him for doing so. You’re supposed to do everything you can to get all that you can out of yourself and out of your life. Beverley has every right to believe that he can be a difference maker on both sides of the ball and honestly, his consistent defensive play has earned him the right to draw our attention his offensive skill set.


With the Rockets, he couldn’t fully display it regardless of whether he has it or not. With the Clippers, he will get every opportunity to make good on his request and showcase what he can do with ball in his hands.


Do you think that Beverley can deliver on the offensive end? Let’s talk about it here or find me on Twitter @Phenombc3.