Some of the most entertaining part of any sports match has to be the eccentric, yet deeply dedicated, and passionate fans, who add a level of excitement and entertainment that the game simply can not provide. Whether it’s a fan donning a costume that bares an exact resemblance to the team’s mascot or another face-painted fan in the team colors, sports fans interacting with both fellow fans as well as the rival team’s fans, are always an exciting show to watch apart from the game itself.


The more die hard the fan, the better. Although in terms of the sport as a whole, I wholeheartedly believe that the sport with the most wild yet outspoken fans, is easily The National Football League. From a social standpoint, the undying enthusiasm of fans of the 32 teams in the NFL is nothing short of fascinating. The shared pride in all of its forms — from whole body painting in the color of The Oakland Raiders, to Buffalo Bills fans smashing each other into tables possibly in an attempt to recreate a WWE match and absolutely everything in between — is a show that I would rather spend my money on than watch the game.


There are also instances of over-the-top antics and unsportsmanlike actions. These actions often consist of individuals acting horribly obnoxious and screaming vulgarities at rival fans, getting into physical confrontations or generally acting belligerent to in order to impact the experiences of their rival fans’ at the game.


While fans of the Oakland Raiders NFL are widely known to have a belligerent reputation, the fan base for the Philadelphia Eagles may soon take the title; this is in part due to their recent win in the divisional playoffs and an opportunity to play in the upcoming Super Bowl LLI.


An image of the Dec. 15, 1968 issue front page of the philadelphia inquirerwith the headline "Eagles fans pelt santa with snowballs"

The Santa Claus Game (NBC Sports)

The best story that communicates the sometimes rowdy nature of fans in the “city of brotherly love” was during the Christmas season of 1968 when, after a season of overwhelming loss, Eagles fans booed and hurled a barrage of snowballs at a 19-year-old dressed as Santa Clause (who was just attempting to bring some Christmas cheer to the dire situation).


Unfortunately, the list of belligerent actions committed by Eagles fans extend far beyond the Santa incident. According to CBS Sports, in 1973, not only did fans assault the unofficial mascot of the Washington Redskins, Chief Zee, but four fans further assaulted Zee in the parking lot following the game. Additionally, in 2014, a fan apparently threw “Philly cheesesteak” at Washington Redskins former defensive lineman Chris Baker while he was being ejected from a game.


Despite cheering loudly in 1989 when Dallas Cowboys wide receiver Michael Irvin suffered a career ending spinal cord injury against the Eagles, and booing their own 1999 draft pick, Donovan McNabb, the most recent despicable action occurred during the most recent playoff game against the Minnesota Vikings. During a scuffle between fans, an Eagles fan punched a 19-year-old police horse in the face.


That said, not all Eagles fans will attack you if you are a rival fan, or punch you in the face if you are a horse. Many are likely friendly, nonviolent and passionate fans of their team who are certainly not afraid to show it.


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