Another game, another close finish, another Rockets win.

Last night, the Rockets finished off the Thunder with a 105-99 victory to win the series 4-1 and effectively end one of the greatest individual seasons in league history.


For Harden and the Rockets, this was expected for the most part. All year, they have shot the ball well around Harden’s scoring and playmaking ability and this continued in this series. Although they didn’t play particularly well consistently throughout the series, they were dangerous when they needed to be, especially when Westbrook was out.


Leading up to this game, the Thunder outscored the Rockets by 3 with Westbrook on the floor while being outscored by 40 with him off the floor.



Maybe this was the biggest tale of the series. It wasn’t necessarily Harden going off offensively throughout the five games, it was more so the fact that what made Westbrook’s season so magical and miraculous, was the same fact that exposed the Thunder’s ultimate fall back.


The fact that they were the sixth seed in a tough Western Conference is a total testament to what Westbrook was able to do with a less than average cast around him. We praised him for his triple doubles and effectively, his ability to make these role players play above their ceiling for the most part.


However, in the playoffs, teams will expose those flaws that you probably got away with during the regular season.


This series, the lack of talent around Westbrook was exposed, and there was not much he could do anymore.


Despite scoring 47 points along with 11 rebounds and 9 assists, just falling short of his fourth straight triple-double, it wasn’t enough going against another playoff team in a seven game series.


So the Rockets took care of business and Westbrook took care of us, the fans, with his continued excellence on the floor. It was the series we expected it to be.


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