Last month, Dallas Cowboys now back up Quarterback Tony Romo took the podium to address the elephant in the room.


In a much anticipated press conference, Romo, who will be active to play for the first time this season after shoulder surgery, addressed his team’s success Dak Prescott under the center and not him.


In a written, but emotional speech, Romo clearly was disheartened and acknowledged how tough it has been to watch this great team win without him.

“Getting hurt when you feel like you have the best team you’ve ever had was a soul-crushing moment for me,” he said. “Then to learn it’s not three or four weeks but 10 is another blow. And through it all you have a tremendous amount of guilt on having let your teammates, fans and organization down. After all, they were depending on you to bring them a championship. That’s what quarterbacks are supposed to do. That’s how we’re just judged.”


For the past two and one-half months, Romo has worked vigorously to get back to action, unintentionally becoming a consistent headline week-after-week, as many speculations were made as to when he would be able to come back and what his role would be.


With the Cowboys off to an 9-1 start, it was made clear that he would be Prescott’s backup due to the enormous success of the team; a decision that Romo had to respect.


“He has earned the right to be our quarterback,” Romo said. “As hard as that is for me to say, he has earned that right.”


That’s all he really could say though, as the Cowboys have clearly established themselves as the best team in the NFC and possibly the NFL.




With an amazing and dominant offensive line, a star rookie Running Back in Ezekiel Elliot and the tremendous poise and ability to make clutch plays that Prescott has been able to display, it’s hard to break that chemistry up just to satisfy the feelings and loyalty of Romo.

“I think we all know something magical is happening with this team. I’m not going to allow this situation to negatively affect Dak or this football team by becoming a constant distraction. I think Dak knows that I have his back, and I think I know that he has mine.”


So what do I think of his speech?


I thought it was a great testament to the kind of leader that he is.


Charles Woodson of ESPN’s Countdown show crew said during the telecast that he felt that the speech was “selfish” by Romo because it was written down.


With much respect to Woodson, I totally disagree. Watching the speech live, you can tell how hard it was for him to give it. You could also tell that, although pre-prepared, it came completely from the heart and that he truly felt and believed every word that he was saying.


Those were his true words, his true sentiment, his true feelings. They were said in a way and with a feeling that allowed him to become relatable to so many people who love what they do and feel helpless when they can’t do it.


(Times Union)

(Times Union)

What was even more impressive was his ability to completely show the appreciation and respect for Prescott, even though the interview and moment was completely about Romo. He completely acknowledged that this team is doing something amazing with Prescott as quarterback and that it’s up to him to help him, guide him and support him for the betterment of his team.

“I remember the feeling like it was yesterday. It really is an incredible time in your life,” Romo said. “And if I remember one thing from back then, it’s the people that helped me along when I was young. And if I can be that to Dak, I’ve tried to be and I will be going forward.”


What we have to understand is that Romo has been in the most prime position in sports for the past decade, the Quarterback of the Dallas Cowboys. He’s had some bad teams that he’s had to deal with and right the ship for, and he’s had some great teams that have just fallen short and he’s had to take the blame for.


He has been the face of a franchise that for the past decade have been building up to this team and this kind of season. You can understand what might be going through the mind of a man who has consistently performed through the good and the bad, only to be sidelined when his team is at their best.


Jerry Jones has stated that he has no intentions of dealing Romo to another team, so this situation will continue to linger as to when Romo could become the quarterback by then.


Although there’s nothing Romo can do about that, he took a great first step on Tuesday with his speech at showing what he’s really all about… Winning.


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