Thirteen months after the deviating and stunning upset at the hands of Holly Holm, Ronda Rousey entered the Octagon on Friday night for the first time in one of the most anticipated fights of the year.


After the Holm defeat, Rousey went under the radar, feeling not only the embarrassment of being defeated for the first time, but being dominated on top of that. This embarrassment caused her to contemplate suicide and on many levels, consider giving up fighting.


She barely faced the media, save for a couple of TV appearances and interviews, but for the most part, played the role of ghost for the last year.


This week, leading up to the Friday night fight in Vegas, was much of the same as she made it apparent that she was staying away from the media and just focusing on the fight, very much unlike her usual self.


But maybe that’s the key here: the Ronda Rousey and the allure that surrounded her before the Holm fight just isn’t there anymore, and frankly, who knows if we’ll ever see her again.



Facing Amanda Nunez on Friday, Rousey looked like the ghost that she has portrayed this past year, as Nunez defeated her by technical knockout in just 48 seconds.


Rousey took a supreme beating from Nunez who from the start, came out firing and punished her with great combinations and didn’t give Rousey any room to breathe.


The look on her face during and after the fight was symbolic of the state in which she is right now: beat up and downtrodden, pondering what’s next and why now.


This raises a true question to sum all of this up, is this the last we see of Ronda Rousey?


The legitimacy of this question comes from the fact that if the first defeat caused her world to go on a spin cycle, then imagine what this is doing to her now.


The Holm defeat was bad, but this was worse. She was physically and mentally outmatched from the gate and in less than one minute, was battered in such a fashion that every hit she took, every combo that landed, made millions of people cringe. This was supposed to be the great return of one of the biggest figures mixed martial arts has ever seen. Instead, we may have likely seen the last of something that once was.



Rousey is still one of the biggest and best fighters to come through the UFC. What she has not only done for this sport, but for women everywhere is something that cannot be denied.


She is still a champion in the eyes of many, including mine. As a champion, I think she has to come back from this and finish on top. Celebrating wins and reveling in losses is something that we all have to go through. But when you’re on the biggest stage and so many look up to you, you need to show them that coming back from defeat and turning them into wins is what life is about.


Ronda Rousey, be the champion that so many have come to know you to be, come back and end your career on top, not like this.


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