Shaun White, Source Sports Illustrated

Photo: Sports Illustrated

Most people might not know much about the “slopestyle” event in this year’s Olympics, and for good reason.  For the first time in the history of the Winter Games, slopestyle will become a new event for both men and women snowboarders.

Stephanie Papas of gives a perfect definition of this new sport, “Snowboarders travel down a slope dotted with obstacles, including quarter-pipes, rails and progressively higher jumps. On the way, they perform feats of aerial acrobatics, with tricks like the backside triple cork 1440 – three head-over-heels flips and four full revolutions.”

Sage Kotsenber, Team USA, Source LATimes

Sage Kotsenberg, Team USA. Photo: LATimes

It is probably one of the more extreme sports to enter the winter games and snowboarders across the globe were excited to show off the multiple moves and tricks that the slopestyle event is made up of.

The only slight problem was that one of the best, most recognized and well-known snowboarders did not compete. At the inaugural men’s slopestyle event last weekend, the “Flying Tomato” also known as Shaun White was no where to be seen.

One would think that in such a monumental moment for the sport, Shaun White would be standing on the podium when it was all said in done; however this was not the case. White released this quote explaining his reasons for not competing,

“After much deliberation with my team, I have made the decision to focus solely on trying to bring home the third straight gold medal in halfpipe for Team USA. The difficult decision to forego slopestyle is not one I take lightly as I know how much effort everyone has put into holding the slopestyle event for the first time in Olympic history, a history I had planned on being part of.”

Luckily this snowboarding event was absolutely stocked with talented. More than ready to pick up the slack in the finale last weekend; USA snowboarder Sage Kotsenberg took advantage of the spotlight, and walked away with the first ever gold medal in the mens slopestyle.


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