Heading into this week, the Boston Celtics, through the lottery, had attained the number one overall pick while the Philadelphia 76ers garnered the third pick in this year’s draft.


On Sunday, the teams decided to swap picks with the Sixers now holding the rights to the number one overall pick and the Celtics now taking the three spot.


With this new deal in mind, the Sixers will probably take Markelle Fultz, the dynamic guard out of Washington University. Fultz was the projected number one pick entering this draft and it was assumed that the Celtics would have taken him with the first pick had they kept it. However, the tide changed when they decided to give the Sixers the pick and instead tea the third slot in exchange.


In my opinion, the Celtics did this to avoid the pressure of feeling like they have to take the best player overall rather than the best player that fits their team. These are common pressures with having the number one pick in any sport.


The Sixers are used to being in this position, but as a team on the rise, possibly drafting Fultz with the first pick would be a better fit for the Sixers then it would be for the Celtics.


Fultz possesses the ability to handle the ball, shoot with range and attack the rim aggressively. His passing is a plus but with last years number one pick Ben Simmons coming back from injury this year, Fultz will likely play the off guard position while Simmons will assume the Point-Forward that has become so popular in NBA offenses.


If the Sixers do end up drafting Fultz their starting lineup will consist of him, Simmons, Robert Covington, Joel Embiid and either Dario Saric or Jahlil Okafor.


Realistically, this is a lineup, with some experience together throughout the season, that could help the Sixers battle for the eighth spot in the East.


With the addition of Fultz, they will have legitimate options on the perimeter and in the post with Embiid, who proved last season that he can be a dominant force in the league. With their length, they could also prove to be a good defensive team with Embiid as the anchor.


Overall, this looks like it will shape out to be a good move for the Sixers if Fultz fills out the way that he is expected to.


(Clutch Points)

Looking at the Celtics at three, they are likely to draft wingman Josh Jackson from Kansas, who was possibly their first option regardless as he would be the best fit. According to General Manager Danny Ainge, the pick that they will take at three will most likely be the one they wanted to take with one. Reading between the lines here, you see where the pressures of the number one pick can lie.


Team wise, your pick should be Jackson, who can fill the need of an athletic wingman who can guard multiple positions, attack the rim with purpose and score in traffic. With Isiah Thomas as the go to guy, Jackson will have room to operate and slash to the basket where he is at his best. This, accompanied by players like Al Horford, Kelly Olynyk, Avery Bradley, Jae Crowder and Jaylen Brown will bode well for Boston because they are all players who can do the little things while also stepping up in their specific roles to help the team win ball games night in and night out.


Jackson will bring a renewed energy to Boston, a team that attained the first spot in the East last season but were provided a gentleman’s sweep by the Cleveland Cavaliers in the Eastern Conference Finals.


With the Draft on Thursday, we will see how these picks will play out and will have to wait until this upcoming season to see the impact that they will have out of the gate.


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