College rivalries in Texas are essentially a religion to some Texans. University of Texas and Texas A&M, the one Johnny Manziel is from, have such a deep-cutting rivalry that despite the fact that they’re in separate conferences now, it’s still as lively and brutal as always. I’ve heard every insult for both sides of the conflict that still rages on. Along with that, the mascots of Bevo and Reveille, an adorable Shetland Sheepdog, are nearly everywhere in terms of popularity. Anyone who barely follows college football knows those mascots.


While Bevo and Reveille are certainly popular, one Texas college mascot has gone relatively unknown in the national scene. Yet, among the students of his university, he’s loved in the same ironic and strange way that I love Guy Fieri. A cult favorite, if you will. Mostly unpopular in the big national scene of colleges but incredibly popular among a small, dedicated group.


Being The University of Texas at Dallas’ Comets, their mascot is named Temoc. No, your eyes aren’t deceiving you. Their mascot is simply the word ‘comet’ background. He’s very tall and muscular, certainly seems to be athletic. Then, you look into his eyes, his giant and horrifyingly bulging eyes that stare into your soul. He has grey skin similar to Roger from “American Dad” and has bright, orange hair that shoots directly up from his head. With the hairstyle, he almost looks like an alien version of Goku from “Dragon Ball Z”. I’ll admit that he’s quite terrifying at first glance.


Many UT Dallas students share my opinion on Temoc as well. According to an article about Temoc, UTD conducted a poll in 2007 of current students, alumni and faculty and the results of showed that “there was discussion of eliminating the Temoc character as Temoc is considered by many students to be ridiculous and scary looking.”


“Temoc is so original, it’s comet spelled backwards. Whoosh!” a student told me facetiously.


“Whoosh”, according to the student’s description, is the “Hook Em Horns” or “Gig Em” equivalent for UT Dallas.


(UT Dallas)

“The way you do a “Whoosh” is that you bring your left fist to your face, elbow out and dab with your right hand. He essentially invented The Dab.” the student explained.


The picture nearby is Temoc himself doing a “Whoosh”. With Temoc being created in 1998, he was dabbing long before Cam Newton started.


But when it came to his honest opinion of Temoc, his facetious tone quickly disappeared.


“Temoc as a mascot, he’s phenomenal. The guy in the Temoc costume actually placed at some cheerleading competition as the best mascot or something. Despite his quirky looks, Temoc is a pretty badass mascot.”


It seems that, almost in the ironic way that people like cult classics such as “Rocky Horror,” many UT Dallas students love Temoc. They like the huge obscurity and equal amounts of eccentricity of him, almost like the mascot equivalent of a Wes Anderson movie. Many of the students I’ve met from UT Dallas possess that exact ironic and joking yet serious love of the very strange mascot and the love doesn’t seem to slowing down anytime soon.


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