As you probably have heard by now, Ezekiel Elliott was granted the opportunity to play Sunday night in the first game of the Dallas Cowboys’ season.


What’s odd about this event coming to fruition are the ones that preceded it. You know, him being charged for domestic violence, the NFL investigating and suspending him for six games, Elliott and the NFLPA promptly appealing the suspension and last week, the NFL announcing that he would be allowed to play in the first game while being on a six game suspension.


Confusing right?


Of course it is because everything is about big business at the end of the day. There’s no way on this earth that Elliott, arguably the premier player on “America’s Team” could possibly be allowed to be suspended for six entire games! I mean what would happen to the Cowboys? What would happen to football? The season would be over before we knew it because Dallas, a team that has finally gotten itself back to Super Bowl contention would have lost the main reason for it for almost half the season.


So what do you think happens now?


A good, educated guess would be that the NFL, the Cowboys and all of the tricky businessmen that inhabit the league, and the world, somehow got a Texas Judge, who had nothing to do with the case, to rule out of the blue that Elliott’s appeal wasn’t handled fairly. Therefore, he’s now on suspension without being on suspension, if that makes any type of sense.


(NBC News)

Consider this as well. Hundreds of player infractions happen every season. These infractions can range from drug use, and domestic violence all the way to excessive end zone dances. 90% of the players that performed those infractions appeal whatever consequence the NFL laid out for them. Most of the time, their appeal is granted in some time of form whether it’s a reduction of their fine or a reduction of the games that they will miss.


What I find very odd is how a player can be suspended for a full season for using marijuana, appeal to get back into the NFL and be denied reinstatement while Elliott was charged with hitting a female, basically found guilty through evidence, and be given only a six game suspension.


Directly comparable to this is the fact that Ray Rice, someone who was charged for the same thing after being caught on tape, is still out of the NFL while Elliott, again, was suspended for only six games, but not really because he is still allowed to play as of now based on a ruling from a Texas judge who had inserted himself into the case magically.


Where does any of this make sense?


Domestic violence should be a non-tolerable action for any person and as an entity that employs men and women to do a job at the end of the day, you should take it into your hands that same sentiment. There’s no varying degrees of what domestic violence means and how it should be handled. If a player is charged with it, it should be a fixed penalty and consequence. Ray Rice can’t be suspended for a full season and still not have a team two years later while Elliott is still out there running the football and on National TV on Sunday night.


What this shows is that all of this is just a business, and if you didn’t know that then, you should now.


All of the factors involved within this case are direct evidence of it and of how dollars are much more important than sense.


I would actually challenge anyone to tell me and explain to me how all of this makes any type of sense. How is it that one can be suspended yet still play even though he is suspended?


Riddle me that.


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