When the epic fight was announced between Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor, the odds were heavily in Floyd’s favor at -2250 and McGregor at +950. In basic terms, this meant that in order to win $100 on Mayweather winning the bout, you would have to bet $2,150 dollars just to win your money back. However, if you bet in favor of McGregor, you could make a $950 profit if you put your $100 bet in.


In even more basic terms, unless you’re rich and have money to blow, when this all started, your safe bet would have been on McGregor just because of the steep money margin between the two according to Las Vegas.


Why were the odds so stacked against McGregor? Simple, he’s a non-boxer going up against an undefeated boxer, who’s arguably one of the greatest of all time, in a boxing match.


There was really no reason to believe that McGregor could and would actually have a chance in this fight. That is until you heard him talk.


McGregor’s marketability and ultimately, his profitability comes from the fact that, like Floyd, he can talk a good game and back it up with an even bigger fight game.


So, as time has passed and we approach the two-week mark for this mega fight, the odds have started to turn more and more in Conor’s favor, not because of his skills as a boxer, but his skills as a marketer.


The current odds stand at Mayweather -450 and McGregor at +325 and that’s more of a testament to Conor’s ability to talk a good game more than it is that Vegas really thinks there’s an increased chance that he will win.


(Telegraph UK)

McGregor has mastered the art of making you believe in him, whether you like him or not. The press tour for the fight that each fighter embarked on proved that with McGregor winning over the crowd more than Floyd you could very well argue. McGregor is so confident in his abilities that he makes you believe that his boxing skills have advanced so much over the last few months that he will really be able to defeat someone who has never lost in his professional career.


He walks around with a strut and the things that come out of his mouth toe the line between extremely funny and clever and downright arrogant. Either way, it becomes an event just to hear him speak because you don’t know what he’s going to say next.


What this has done is swayed the tide so to say. Even though you know, in your heart of hearts, that McGregor realistically has no shot to win, you still feel that there’s a slim chance because how he carries himself and how he has backed up his talk in a big way before.


Really, you can’t blame him either. This sport requires you to be able to confidently defend yourself and believe in yourself to the fullest extent. You’re going against someone whose job it is to hurt you as much as they can in every way possible and in order for you to win, you have to be as arrogant and confident as they come.


So kudos to McGregor for shifting the odds almost in his favor. It is a feat that he actually has gotten it thus close so close to the fight.


Will he be able to back it up? This time, I don’t think so. However, who are we to say that there’s not a shot that he can’t?


The way he’s been talking, we almost have to give him some sort of chance because when you’re dealing with Conor McGregor, the talk is almost always backed up by an even better result.


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