For many reasons, the NFL Draft has become an event within itself during what is supposedly a down time for football.


Nevermind the fact that the NBA and NHL playoffs by this time are in full swing. Nevermind the fact that baseball is just getting started. When the NFL draft is approaching, all else ceases to exist.


See, because football has clearly become North America’s most popular sport (and by a wide margin), the season never really ends.


Think about it, when the Super Bowl has been played, not only does the coverage shift to just the reaction of the game, but it also immediately shifts to the draft.


Talks begin as to who’s going to go number one and what teams should do what with their picks. I mean, there is no real off-season when it comes to our coverage of football.


So you have to understand, when it gets to late April and the draft does comes around, you better believe that it’s marketed as the biggest event for its entire three-day showcase.


To build off of this, the NFL has made a huge change. Instead of the usual NYC Radio City Music Hall location, the NFL, realizing how big of an event this is for fans and entertainment, decided to take this show to a new city every year.


(AP Photo/Matt Rourke)

Last year, it was Chicago who held the draft. This year, it was Philly’s turn, and in many ways, the city looked like football’s version of Coachella.


Over 70,000 people packed the Parkway to watch the draft. The city literally lit up with each team’s logos being showcased on the city skyscrapers as it was their turn to select.


Fans from nearly every team showed up and showed out, showing their loyalty and pride for their city in a major way.


Of course you had the usual showering of boos towards commissioner Roger Goodell. But what you also saw is the raw passion that Philly has for the Eagles and this is what having the draft in different cities every year can do.


When it came time for the Eagles to make the 14th pick of the first round of the 2017 NFL draft, the fans unleashed a cheer, in unison that nearly rocked every TV in America. When they made the surprise pick of Derek Barnett from Tennessee, you heard boos even louder than they gave Goodell when he first stepped to the podium. Maybe the biggest spectacle came in day two of the draft when teams usually send former players to call out draft picks and the hated Dallas Cowboys sent former receiver Drew Pearson to make the selection. Pearson who is among the franchise’s great players of all time, walked to the mic to a smattering of boos and combated them with some yelling of his own where thanked Philadelphia for making him the player he was and also alluding to the fact that he was making the selection for the five time super bowl champion Dallas Cowboys all while yelling on top of the boos.


This was not only a memorable moment just from this draft, but it was go down as a memorable moment in NFL draft history.


Again, this is what can happen when you bring the draft to a new city every year. You get passionate fans who get to put it on full display for the world to see for three days.


The draft has become so big entertainment- wise that the NFL would be crazy not to continue this trend.


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