As the baseball world continues to follow Tim Tebow and his trek to make it in professional baseball, he made a big splash in his very first at bat.


As he stepped into the batters box playing for the Columbia, South Carolina Fireflies, the Mets’ class A-affiliate, he was met with many cheers and much anticipation to see what exactly he would do… he didn’t disappoint.



Tebow took an outside fastball from pitcher Domenic Mazza and sent it over the left center wall for a home run that even he looked surprised to hit.


Whether he didn’t know if he got all of it or if it may be that he’s just not used to hitting yet, Tebow sprinted out of the batter’s box and when it was signaled that he hit it out, actually stayed at second base for a second, not knowing what he had just done.


This was perfect for Tebow, who known as a humble guy, to humbly hit a homerun in his first professional at bat to the point where he didn’t even realize he hit it out. Class personified.


But in all seriousness, what we can learn from this is that, despite how you may feel about him essentially getting a free pass to do something that many dream to do, he is someone who has clearly put the work in and has not taken it for granted.


Not everyone hits home runs, not everyone can even hit a baseball at all. For Tebow to get this opportunity and make the most of it would be a great thing because again, despite how you may feel about him as a person, his work ethic was never to question and it was on display in his first professional at bat.


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